So much for sun today! Plus, a peek into winter expectations. - FOX Carolina 21

So much for sun today! Plus, a peek into winter expectations.

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Seriously, these days give me a forecasting headache.  But, I will say that our models were showing some rain in the midlands for today, and I should have gathered from the steering wind, that we'd get a few showers!  The clouds never really broke up today (just briefly in some areas).  Tonight expect isolated sprinkled and light rain showers, with the clearing I promised for today coming tomorrow instead!Once this frontal zone finally kicks to the east, we'll get some nice downsloping and the clouds will break up.

Mostly sunny and warm the rest of the week, then a nice cold front moves in for the weekend.  It will bring clouds and scattered showers late Saturday and Sunday, and temps will drop about 10-15 degrees from Saturday to Sunday.

Speaking of cool weather... signs are pointing to cooler than normal and wetter than normal conditions for us with winter.  Scientifically speaking, many meteorologist think it will be this way because of 1) a high likelihood of block near Greenland during much of the winter 2) a weak El Nino and 3)a positive PNA (Pacific, North American Teleconnection).  The positive PNA usually comes along with El Nino and helps to support cooler than normal temps in the southeast.

So, a weak El Nino should still provide us with some decent moisture through an active southern stream jet.  We should get some decent arctic outbreaks as well.  So, combining the two would mean that we have a higher likelihood of seeing snow/ice/sleet in the Carolinas and Georgia than last year.  I'll post more on this, and provide links to some other forecasts in upcoming blogs!

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