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Buddy vs. Skunk (Part 2) & Preview of Kickoff Forecasts

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old school helmets are courtesy of MGHelmets.com old school helmets are courtesy of MGHelmets.com
old school helmets are courtesy of MGHelmets.com old school helmets are courtesy of MGHelmets.com

Virginia Tech @ Clemson / South Carolina @ Florida:  If you are traveling down to Florida or headed over to Clemson, the forecast looks great for the weekend.  Tailgating weather will be 40s and 50s for the morning before the Clemson game with 60s expected for tailgating weather in Gainesville around Noon.  Check out the kickoff conditions on each graphic.

Also, I had to throw in the 1960s versions of all four helmets for some nostalgia.



Some of you may already be aware from previous posts on this blog, but for those of you who aren't - our family dog "Buddy" (part Boxer & part Jack-Russell) is quite the character and always seems to stir up some shenanigans around our neighborhood in Tennessee.  My dad and mom provide updates through email whenever Buddy and his canine friends do something to make for funny stories.  I haven't received many Buddy updates within the last year or so as Buddy has seemed to mellow some (according to my parents).  But, as often as my parents take Buddy on walks, it seems only a matter of time before Buddy finds trouble.  Here's the latest from Dad:

Last night we were busy at home after work and didn't get in our normal walk with Buddy before dark.  After we ate and cleaned the kitchen it was very dark outside,but he wasn't deterred.  Just as he always does, as soon as we started clearing the dishes, Buddy started "working us" to see if he could persuade us to take him for a spin around the neighborhood.  This daily walk is hands-down the high point of his day. 

You see, this routine is far more than relaxation and exercise for Buddy.  That's all the walk does for us, but for Buddy this 30 minutes is what I like to call the "doggie" version of the human process of posting on Facebook.  See, Buddy goes romping around the neighborhood, sniffing everything to see what dog has "posted" here and there... and when he recognizes a "post", he "posts" also... it involves taking a stop at the tree usually, you know.  He's not just smelling every pole,tire, tree, bush, and culvert for his and our amusement... he's seeing who has "posted" and then trumping their "post".  We call it "HikeBook".

Well, that leads us to his latest episode.  He was in high gear last night "posting" in the dark... when he encountered another animal with its own unique "posting" style... a skunk.  It was dark, so your mom & ! didn't see the encounter.  The realization came to me when I heard Buddy start snorting in a way that's not normal for him.  I stopped and pointed the flashlight toward his snorting and saw him diving and rubbing his face and muzzle in the grass.  I suspected immediately what had happened.  This wasn't Buddy's first rodeo with a skunk.  He was sprayed big-time about a year ago.  We learned a lot in that episode about skunk spray antidote.  I think Buddy probably learned a lot too.  However this encounter with the skunk wasn't quite as bad as last time.  We took him home and mixed up a solution of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in a bucket (recommended) and I wiped down his face and neck.  This  chemically neutralizes the oils of the skunk spray and pretty effectively and quickly mutes the smell.  He was calm and quiet and resting within about 30 minutes and the smell was just faintly detectable.

It's always something with that dog.....



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