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Stella's first birthday approaches!

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It's hard to believe that a year ago today I was big as a house, having trouble getting through my weathercasts without losing my breath, and about to have the most wonderful little girl grace my life!  This year has flown by, and a lot of time has gone by without a New Mom Blog post!  So, I figured I'd post a quick update.  And, as usual, I'll ask for some help and advice from all of you mothers out there.  Your advice helped me so much through Stella's colds, night waking's, etc.

Have you seen the new weather promo with me and Stella?  I'm reading her a weather lullaby to her and she reacts in some pretty cute ways!  Many of you have written to me about it, and I appreciate all the kind words! 

Stella is now 11.5 months old and is crawling up a storm!  She was kind of late to crawl, but now that she figured it out, there's no stopping her.  We just went through baby-proofing, and every day I find something new that we still need to pad down, put up or move.  We assembled one of those play yards for our family room, and that has helped my sanity.  Now I can put her in that and not worry about anything sharp or dangerous. 

We started her on pureed foods at 6 months, and it has been tough going!  She is now a lover of oatmeal, sweet potatoes, broccoli, prunes and avocado.  I've been trying to introduce table food now, and that isn't coming easily either. She will grab at those little puffs and nibble, and will take small bites of ripe avocado, but anything else she just pushes around and eventually throws on the floor.  I'm learning to be patient and realize that she will get there... I can't force her to love chicken or green beans as much as I do!  I just keep trying new things and hoping for the best. 

We went through a lot of illnesses this winter, from colds to stomach bugs to random viruses, but now that it's getting warmer things seem to be calming down.  I think Stella will have the best immune system EVER by Kindergarten, since she has battled a lot of bugs already.  I now have her on a probiotic every day, which has seemed to help her feel good and hopefully help fight off future illnesses. 

She is still waking at night, but it's not too bad.  She goes down at 7:30PM most nights, and wakes sometime between 3-6am for a feeding.  She often goes back to sleep until 7:30AM or close to.  She's in the 20th percentile for weight, so I have been letting her nurse at night in order to keep her weight up.  I realize this may be promoting the waking... but at least it's only once! 

She is talking a lot, but not making any sense!  She says mama, and dada, but not necessarily to me or my husband.  She says it to her stuffed animals, the ceiling fan, etc!  We are looking forward to the next milestones of walking, talking more, feeding herself, etc!  So, here's the time I ask for advice.  If you can offer any help on the following, please email me!

Did you have a picky eater at 1 year old?  What methods got them to eat more finger food/table food?

How did you wean from breast milk to whole milk?  Was the transition difficult?

Did any of you have a 1 year old that still woke to eat at night?  HOw long did it last?

Any tips on taking a wiggly, crawling baby out to eat?

Thanks again for reading my blog and for all the great advice! 

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