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Head of KKK answers questions about SC rally

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ABBEVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) -

A blog post by the New Empire Knights of Klu Klux Klan says the group will be holding their first ever KKK Jam in July. The post stated the event is free to all members and their families and will be held at their National Headquarters in Abbeville, SC.

Several viewers reached out to FOX Carolina News concerned about the event and the negative spotlight it might have on their community.

FOX Carolina's Cody Alcorn reached out to the man who claims to be the head of the Klan, Charles Murray, who is listed as the Imperial Wizard of the New Empire Knights. He would only respond by email.

We have provided in full the email correspondence with Murray and Alcorn.

Mr. Alcorn,

I will start out be letting you know, I will be copying all your questions along with my answers. I know from experience, the media will edit and show only what they want to show. That is why I am answering questions via email and not by phone.

I only ask that if you show pictures from the Klan, use pictures that I send you. There are currently between 30-45 Klan groups in the United States today. I do not want a story done which shows some random Klan group. That group could be a false Klan made up of criminals, drug addicts and drunks. I will gladly send you another email along with pictures of our previous Klan events.

 Below are my answers to your questions -

1. Why did the New Empire Knights decide to hold a KKK Jam?

Most social organizations hold events for their members. This is very common for Masons, church groups and even the Klan. The Imperial Klans of America which is no longer around, held an event known as Nordic Fest. The Knights Party (Knights of the Ku Klux Klan) holds an annual Klan Congress. This event is our first official National Meeting. We Knight new members who have reached Knighthood and promote Knights to higher ranks who have worked hard for us. We have food, fellowship and music among other things. I live near Abbeville and own a decent amount of land near there. That is why I picked Abbeville for our National event.

2. Can you tell me where the KKK Jam will be held on July 25-27?

a. Is it open to the public?

No, and no. The event is on private property that I own. This event is only open for members, family members and Klansmen being Knighted. I run a very secretive Klan. The media, like you, enjoys exposing people. I have school teachers, doctors and law enforcement as members. While America by law, grants people personal freedoms, I have seen people in the past harassed by Zionist groups such as the ADL and SPLC. I've seen people fired for expressing their freedoms of speech and religion. I do everything I can to grant my members their safety.

3. How long has the New Empire Knights existed in Abbeville, SC?

Since February of 2013, when we originally formed the New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

4. What did the New Empire Knights spawn off of to create their own Klan?

There have been numerous Klan groups since 1948. I had "retired" from the Klan in late 2010 or so. I had a meeting with some fellow Klan friends in late 2012. They voted me in as Imperial Wizard (National Leader) and the New Empire Knights was born.

Like me, others were sick of these fake Klan groups made up of skinheads, jobless slobs and criminals. We wanted a real Klan group made up of white Christians.

5. What motivated you to join the Klan?

I did two years in the Army. I saw minorities, mainly blacks at the time, being promoted through the ranks with lower test scores than whites. Of course even today, this still happens. I noticed the downfall in our school system, once safe white neighborhoods turning into dangerous nonwhite gang warzones and the rights of Christians (white Christians) were being taken away.

Like most people, I saw that something in this nation was not right. It seemed the Klan was one of the very few groups out there speaking up for White Americans.

6. There are concerns among people in Abbeville about this event and the negativity it might bring on their community? Do you have a response to these people?

What are people concerned about? The event is held on private property and my members have done nothing to harass or scare these people.

I laugh because I have had death threats from this same community in Abbeville. Maybe these so-called concerned citizens should be more worried about people willing to threaten us over freedom of speech and religion than the New Empire Knights and what we do.

Our group has donated food, clothes and money to numerous charity groups in Abbeville. We recently held a food drive in Georgia where we fed not only whites, but other races. We also have a food drive next month in Kingsport Tennessee.

Feeding the hungry, giving clothes to the poor and helping those in need (of all races) is bringing negativity to Abbeville? If so, maybe I should find a new home.

FOX Carolina reached out to the Abbeville County coordinator who directed us towards the Abbeville County sheriff, who has yet to return our call.

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