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Eighteen months of Stella

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What can I say… Life as a mom is just like you all said it would be! I would ask for advice and guidance when I was pregnant and when Stella was a tiny baby, and I have found myself seeing all those truths of motherhood along the way. Being a mom is the best thing I've ever done. Having a daughter is fulfilling in more ways than I can describe. The love I feel for Stella goes beyond what I realized possible. Yep, all those cliche sayings are true!

She really does get better and better with age. Every phase has its good parts, but I can't think of a better one than 18 months thus far.

Stella is talking, walking, running, dancing, singing (sort of), hugging, cuddling, laughing and just being our daily light and joy. She will actually sit and try to read me a book… she makes no sense, but it's the most beautiful rambling I've ever heard.

I love how engaged she is with me and her dad. She seems to understand so much more of what we say lately. She loves to eat, watch Elmo, play in the leaves, go for walks and see her friends at daycare. Everything is exciting and fun. She even had her first haircut today! She was a little scared at first, but did really well overall! She is now sporting short bangs and a little back flip out!

Now… I talked about the good…. So here's the bad and the ugly (or maybe I should say the inconvenient and sometimes frustrating). There's not a lot of that, but it's definitely there!

The TANTRUMS! They aren't long-lived (yet) thankfully, but they can really be tough. If we turn off Elmo before she is ready, or deny her a third fig newton she will sometimes go into full meltdown. She'll arch her back, bang her head on the carpet, scream, try to hit me, etc. From what I can tell this is fairly normal. I try not to acknowledge it and let it pass. There are times when I just can't help myself, so I try to hold of comfort her. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it makes things worse. Luckily she usually calms down if I direct her attention elsewhere.

The other issue we have is keeping her still. She is NOT a fan of riding in the grocery cart for more than about 5 minutes. She will protest down every aisle until I let her out, then she tries to push the cart. So far that hasn't been a huge deal, but I know people look at me like I'm nuts when I let Stella push the cart up and down the Publix produce area!

Last thing is purely selfish… I wish she would sleep later! She wakes up around 6:30am, which is not terribly convenient me since I work until midnight. My husband and I split times waking up with her, and luckily I can get a nap in some days. I just wish I could get her to sleep until 7:45 like so many little ones! She goes to bed around 8pm, so I'd think she would sleep the full 11-12 hours, but not so much. She does wake up in a great mood and is a lot of fun to be around at 6:30, so that's a silver lining!

Anyway, do you have any advice on handling tantrums, restlessness and getting her to either sleep later or stay entertained in her crib for 45 min to let me sleep a bit more? Also, if you have any good, healthy meal ideas for a toddler let me know! We are starting to get into a rut and I want to try some new things! Email me at Kendra.kent@foxcarolina.com with your feedback! Thanks, as always, for reading my blog!

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