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911 call: Townville Elementary shooting suspect fell to knees, said he gave up

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A memorial outside Townville Elementary School. (Sep. 29, 2016/FOX Carolina) A memorial outside Townville Elementary School. (Sep. 29, 2016/FOX Carolina)
TOWNVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) -

The Anderson County Sheriff's Office released 911 calls from the shooting at Townville Elementary School that claimed a 6-year-old's life.

The tapes, which were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act Request, reveal new details in the fatal incident on Sept. 28.

A 14-year-old suspect is accused of shooting his father to death at a residence less than three miles away from Townville Elementary before driving a pickup truck to the school's playground and opening fire at a group of first graders. The Solicitor's Office later said a petition has been filed to charge the teen as an adult.

First grade teacher Meghan Hollingsworth was wounded in the shoulder. One 6-year-old, Collin, was shot in the foot.

Jacob Hall, 6, was shot in the leg. The bullet tore through his femoral artery, leading to significant blood loss and brain damage. Jacob succumbed to his injuries at Greenville Memorial Hospital on Oct. 1.

In the 911 calls, a Townville Elementary School teacher describes first responders efforts to save Jacob, but due to the graphic nature of his injuries, these parts have been redacted below.

Callers at the school described the suspect to dispatchers as wearing all black and said he was visibly emotional. The teen suspect reportedly wept at the scene and said he gave up before being taken down by volunteer Townville firefighter Jamie Brock.

Below are excerpts from the 911 calls:


Dispatcher: Anderson County 911, what is the location of your emergency?
Caller: Townville Elementary. We have an active shooter. We have a child down.
Dispatcher: OK, you said Townville Elementary?
Caller: [inaudible] suspect, black hat... He ran around back. They said that the student has been shot outside. He was wearing a black hat.
Dispatcher: OK, and you said this is Townville Elementary?
Caller: It's Townville Elementary, yes ma'am. [Woman in background heard shouting, 'Please hurry.']
Dispatcher: I'm getting them on the way.

Dispatcher: It's going to be OK, OK? I've got help coming as quickly as they can. Do you know if the suspect is still inside the building?
Caller: He's not. He never was inside. [inaudible] He said, 'I give up, I give up.' He never came inside. We're thinking, we just heard a gunshot. We weren't outside but we're thinking it happened on the playground. We're thinking it happened on the playground because he never... The shooter never came in the building but we just heard gunshots. They ran all the kids in and the shooter was out there behind them.
Dispatcher: They don't know what he was wearing or anything, they just know it was a white male?
Caller: He had all black on. Black hat, black shirt, it's all black. Blonde hair.
Dispatcher: All black clothing and blonde hair?
Caller: And I have a lady telling me his truck is crashed into the fence of the playground in the back of the school. [long pause] Please hurry.
Dispatcher: I promise you, honey, they're coming as quickly as they can. I've got everybody on their way to you.
Dispatcher 2: This is Oconee County. We do have deputies on the way as well.
Dispatcher: OK thank you so much.

Dispatcher: Does anyone know what type of gun it was?
Caller: Does anyone know what kind of gun he had?
Background voice: I could hear the shots from inside. It sounded like maybe a heavy caliber bullet, it didn't sound automatic. It looks like he took his vest off and dropped it, and dropped to his knees and then it looked like he had some boxes of bullets that kind of fell with him. But I don't know. I was like five feet away just trying to get the kids in the building.
Background voice 2: He was standing right at the door but he didn't come in. He was standing at the door when she was trying to get all the children in, he was standing right behind the kids. He would just throw his arms up and was just saying he gave up, he gave up. And all the kids were trying to run in but we didn't see a gun on him whenever he was doing all that.

Caller: I couldn't see his face. I just knew he looked young.
Background voice: He was crying, he was very upset. He said, 'Sorry [inaudible] I give up.'

Dispatcher: Y'all just make sure you stay in the classroom, OK? Don't open the doors for anything, OK?
Caller: We just heard one of the teachers outside in the hall say they think they may have got him down on his hands and knees, that he gave up. So I think someone got him. I don't know who's out there.
Dispatcher: OK, I'm going to stay on the phone with you until I know that someone is there with you and you're safe, OK? I'm not going anywhere until they're there with you.
Caller: All of the classrooms are full. We just have four people in here. We're all adults, we're just worried about the children.

Dispatcher 2: We also have word that a firefighter, there's a subject Jamie Brock that has the suspect on the ground.
Caller: We heard from somebody that someone had him on the ground.
Dispatcher 2: Ma'am, do you know if the weapon is secure?
Caller: We don't know.
Dispatcher: Anderson County is not aware.
Caller: We just know that someone has him secure on the ground.
Dispatcher: Yeah, we do have one subject detained, OK? Thank you for your help, Oconee... They do have the suspect detained. They have secured the gun. They have it secured on the playground.
Dispatcher 2: OK, very good, I will go ahead and disconnect.


Dispatcher: Anderson County 911, what's the location of your emergency?
Caller: We have a shooting at Townville Elementary. A little boy has been shot and we have a man outside of our building who is the shooter and his truck is still in our back playground... and he is walking around. The shooter is walking around. And our little boy is downstairs. We've got the school in lockdown...

Dispatcher: Tell me what the person looks like who did the shooting ma'am.
Caller: The man looks over six feet. He's wearing, what was it, a black shirt? A black shirt, a baseball hat and he looks well over six foot tall. White male. He still standing outside our school.
Dispatcher: At the front of the school or the back?
Caller: It's in the back of the school. And he's, oh God, it's not the back parking lot but his truck is and he is on the south bottom corner where our 4K classroom is. He's at the south corner on the first floor which is the back side.
Dispatcher: Do you still have eyes on him, ma'am?
Caller: Do we still have eyes on him, the bad guy? No, not at this moment. My phone doesn't reach very far.
Dispatcher: OK, tell me what kind of gun he had. Did he have a handgun, a shotgun?
Caller: It was a black one. He shot twice.

Caller: We do not know who this man is. He just opened up the first grade door and started shooting.
Dispatcher: He opened up the door and started shooting?
Caller: Yes, he just opened up the door and started shooting. He's still outside.
Dispatcher: Stay on the phone, ma'am. They're coming as quickly as they can. We've got an ambulance on the way.

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