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Busiest weekend of the year for Upstate car washes after winter weather

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Busiest weekend of the year for Upstate car washes (FOX Carolina/ 1/19/18) Busiest weekend of the year for Upstate car washes (FOX Carolina/ 1/19/18)
(FOX Carolina) -

Their snowman has fallen and is starting to melt away, but the employees at Nick's Car Wash have been too busy to notice.

“A super wash and would you like any air freshener with that?” asks one employee.

"We're about as busy as we ever get,” said Manager Chad Smathers. “A midweek snow storm will always lead to a really busy weekend for any car wash."

Smathers said they washed more than 400 vehicle Friday, that's double what they do in a typical day. They are expecting to top that again Saturday, which will make this one of their busiest weekends of the year.

"Now that every car in the area is covered in salt, you can't ride around looking like that," Smathers said.

Car owners agree that when Ricky Rogers pulled up, he said his car was caked with salt near the tires. There was so much salt that it looked like a completely different color.

"It had white stains on it,” Rogers said. “It's usually a nice shiny black color, it was more like a vanilla color."

After a good soap and scrub inside the tunnel, Rogers car was back to shiny black. Smathers said it's a good thing too because if the salt is left on for too long, it can result in costly damage.

"It's bad for the metal and it's bad for the paint as well,” Smathers said. “You don't ever want anything to sit on your clear coat."

He said you have to make sure you get the salt off the metal so it doesn't corrode. That's why all day, towels have been flying across the parking lot, new cars constantly ready to be hand dried and tires cleaned. It's the same story at car washes up in the mountains.

"With all the salt they put down, we have had cars back to the road,” said District Manager of Zips Carwash David Cook. “Cars bumper to bumper today."

With the cars sparkling and ready to go, drivers have just one concern: keeping it that way.

"I’ll probably take the interstate going back since it’s a little drier hopefully,” said Rogers. “Hopefully it will at least make it home in the driveway nice and clean."

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