GETTING ANSWERS: Drivers complain about Highway 276 conditions, SCDOT responds

Tresia Bowles takes a look at the road repairs needed on highway 276 and asks officials if there are any plans to make changes
Updated: May. 6, 2021 at 3:56 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) - During week two of FOX Carolina’s “Getting Answers,” we tackled issues with the road conditions on Highway 276.

We’ve had over 20 submissions through our QR code, and nine of them have been somewhere on this highway.

Many of the complaints come from the Geer Highway portion from the Ingles in Traveler’s Rest, into Marietta.

Penny Lillis, of Marietta, describes the ride.

“It’s like riding over a washboard. And it’s very bumpy,” Lillis says, “Knocks the heck out of your front suspension.”

Lillis also says it doesn’t feel safe.

“The road is narrow. And it’s rough. So, you can’t go over the line to try to avoid a pothole and hit somebody else,” Lillis said.

Viewers have expressed that there are potholes and patches everywhere. Drivers, like Sherri Teague, of Greenville, say they feel like it has been years since anything has been done.

“You feel the potholes. You feel the bumps in the road. And you can’t change lanes and miss anything,” Teague said.

Teague says her parents frequent the road. And she often drives to Marietta to visit them.

The conditions are like this for over three miles. And drivers say compared to other roads, Geer Highway is the one left behind.

“The county or the state has forgotten about this Northeastern area of the roads,” Teague.

“We feel like we’ve been forgotten up here. That we’re ignored,” Lillis said.

Both drivers have concerns to share with the state.

“We would love to know a timeline,” Teague said.

“I want them to confirm when they’re coming. I want them to commit that they’re coming,” Lillis said.

SCDOT communications director Pete Poore says there are other portions of the highway in the works for construction.

“From... near the Pickens County line to Highway 11,” Poore said.

Poore says it’s a safety project. It’s set to be approved mid-August.

And there’s also another project.

“This is in Marietta from Chestnut Ridge Road to White Horse Road,” Poore said.

Poore says that one is for a repaving. It is set to be approved at the end of the month. And if approved, they’ll start working on the roadway in July 2022.

However, the stretch our viewers complained about most is not yet on the list.

“At this time, there are no improvements or paving projects or even proposed projects for that section,” Poore said.

Poore encourages drivers to continue contacting the SCDOT and their commissioners.

“If they keep making their voices heard through emails and calls, hopefully, next year, that section might qualify,” Poore said.

Poore says this is just the end of their fourth year, and year five begins after July.

Lillis says she and others have been complaining to the SCDOT to no avail. She keeps hope that something will be done in the near future.

“We’ve been waiting a long, long time for the state to tell us when they will help us here in 276,” Lillis said.

To submit your road concerns, click here.