GETTING ANSWERS: East Standing Springs Road

The problem areas drivers told us about were from Neely Ferry Road to Old Stage Road near Highway 276.
Updated: Jun. 24, 2021 at 2:25 PM EDT
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SIMPSONVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - We received countless submissions about the road conditions on East Standing Springs Road back in May.

The problem areas drivers told us about were from Neely Ferry Road to Old Stage Road near Highway 276.

The state’s Department of Transportation started work on the road the first two weeks in June. So, we asked residents what they think about the pave.

Phillip Pirkle says the road used to be in bad condition. He works in the area.

“It was a really bumpy ride for about an eighth of a mile. And it wasn’t pleasant to drive on before,” Pirkle said.

Courtney Crenshaw, of Simpsonville, says the potholes were everywhere.

“It was a ton of potholes. It was cracked up and bumpy. It wasn’t great,” Crenshaw said.

Breylan Rosemond, of Simpsonville, describes the old version of Standing Springs Road as a bumpy ride.

“It had big potholes in the middle of the road, bumpy,” said Rosemond said.

The area, right as you turn from the Spinx gas station, has been recently paved. We asked drivers how it looks now.

“We’re getting there, definitely. I mean, it has been like this for years. So, the progress we made, so far, it’s making a difference,” Pirkle said.

Pirkle has noticed the progress too.

“For what they’ve done, so far, it has really made a big improvement. And it definitely looks a lot better and feels better,” said Pirkle.

However, the work isn’t done. Pete Poore with the SCDOT says they’re currently working on finishing the area around Highway 276. They will mill both roads and then resurface them.

“It’s a lot better. I hope they keep going with it, and then work on Neely Ferry here, because it’s bad too,” said Crenshaw.

Poore says portions of Neely Ferry Road, West Blue Ridge Road (US 276), Poinsett Highway (US 276), near Cherrydale, are also to be reclaimed in this contract.

Rosemond has also noticed the improvements.

“It’s going good. It’s coming along. As you can see, they’ve paved over the majority of the potholes,” Rosemond said.

There are still a few drivers who say the work is a few years too late. Still, for many, it’s the happy ending they were hoping for. Pirkle is just ready for the finished product.

“I’ll be happy if they just finished paving the whole thing all the way to the highway up there. And it’ll make a big difference,” said Pirkle.

The SCDOT expects the work to be complete by December 2021.

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