The city tells us the road has a reputation. There's a gaping pothole right as you turn from Edwards Road onto Highway 418.
Updated: Jul. 22, 2021 at 12:50 PM EDT
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WOODRUFF, SC (FOX Carolina) - FOX Carolina is getting answers about Edwards Road, in Spartanburg County.

We have heard your concerns about the potholes and bumpy conditions from Highway 101 (West Georgia Street) to Highway 418 (Fountain Inn Road).

Jim King has lived on the road for 30 years. He says his truck has taken a beating.

“I was driving down the road, didn’t see it. And I hit it. And it almost sounded like my tire exploded,” King said, “I ended up having to go and get an alignment done and get it rebalanced.”

Drivers tell us the road has a reputation. There’s a gaping pothole right as you turn from Edwards Road onto Highway 418.

Clint Smith also lives there. He worries his vehicle will be next.

“I’ve been concerned about tires. I don’t want to pop any tires,” Smith said.

Near King’s home, he says you can hear the cars passing by.

“You hear a lot of noise—a lot of road noise, suspension noise because of the potholes,” King said.

Many of the potholes have been patched over the years. The state’s Department of Transportation says they received five work orders for potholes last year.

“The patches only last for a little bit. I wish there was a more concrete solution to the problem where they fix it and it stays fixed, because this road doesn’t last that long” Smith said, “They come out here. And they patch it up. And in another six months, there’ll be another pothole on the ground.”

King says he hasn’t been impressed with the SCDOT’s patch work either.

“They scrapped it not too long ago, but they never came back to pave it. They just painted the over top of it,” King said.

We did some digging. The SCDOT says Edwards Road is on the resurfacing candidate list and will be evaluated for the 2023 Pavement Improvement Program; which is next Summer’s list.

In the meantime, King says no more patches.

“Why patch everything in little spots? Why not just go ahead and repave the whole road? It doesn’t make any sense,” King said, “You’ll see where they do an eight-foot patch. And then, three feet down, they do another one. Why not just pave the whole thing?”

King is also hoping for a shoulder installation next to road.

The residents are keeping their fingers crossed the bid will go through, two years from now. Smith says he hopes to see some work soon for the sake of insuring his baby is out of harm’s way.

“I’ve got a newborn in the house, so, just the safety of the roads is the main concern,” Smith said.

The SCDOT says 70 percent of Spartanburg’s secondary roads are also on this list and in poor condition.

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