GETTING ANSWERS: Highway 88 (Old Greenville Highway)

FOX Carolina's Tresia Bowles is Getting Answers about issues along Highway 88 in Anderson County.
Updated: Aug. 19, 2021 at 2:28 PM EDT
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ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - ANDERSON COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) - We’re getting to the bottom of what’s going on with the work on Highway 88.

This highway runs from Easley to Pendleton—crossing through Anderson County and slightly into Pickens County.

Drivers tell us through “Getting Answers” that the potholes have been causing issues.

The state’s Department of Transportation says they’ve received 35 requests to fix potholes in the past year.

Josh Morgan takes his motorcycle to work via Highway 88.

“There have been a couple of times I’ve came all the way up out of the seat just doing the speed limit right there. It’s a rough road,” said Morgan.

Morgan says it’s a biker’s nightmare.

“There’s really no clear road—no clear lane in the road to ride with a bike, at all. You’re going to hit something,” said Morgan.

Jamie Owings also frequents Old Greenville Highway.

“There’s potholes all down each side, along the edge of each side of the road. So, you’re swerving left, you’re swerving right. And then, both people, coming either direction, are moving toward the center of the road. So, it can get dangerous because everyone’s, sort of, meeting in the middle trying to get away from those potholes,” said Owings.

The road runs through a few different cities like Easley, Slabtown, Liberty, Pendleton and so on. However, drivers say most of the problems lie before you cross over Highway 178.

“Into the other side of Slabtown, there’s going to be a pretty good straightaway that goes over the river. That’s a very rough spot,” said Morgan.

The whole road is about 17 miles long or so. The most rugged areas seem to be over the bridges. And there is some busy traffic.

“It’s just littered with potholes on both sides. And it’s very, highly trafficked; this area, people going back and forth to Clemson for sporting events,” Owings said.

So, if you want to go see the Tigers, you have to go through the potholes first.

“I tow a trailer a lot coming up and down this road. So, it’s just very bumpy. And you never know what you’ve broken as you hit the pothole,” said Owings.

When you cross over 178 near Burnette Road, it’s smoother. That’s because the SCDOT paved that side on into Pendleton already, but there’s still more to go.

“What’s taking so long? It’s just that simple. They’ve had funds. They’ve went other places,” Morgan said.

The SCDOT says Highway 88 is currently under two resurfacing contracts. Now that one side is done, they’re moving from Burnette Road to Elizabeth City Drive to do some work. Old Greenville Highway will get full-depth reclamation with asphalt resurfacing.

“I anticipated they might pave up this way before now. I guess, say, it has been about a year ago, but they’ve not done anything yet,” Owings said.

Essentially all of Highway 88 is under contract for a makeover, with expected completion by October 2022.

“If they can get the road paved, I think it’ll make a lot of people happy,” said Owings.

DOT says the road likely hasn’t been resurfaced since 2009. Crews are also improving the intersection of Highway 88 and Highway 178 as well as a traffic signal.