GETTING ANSWERS: Overbrook Drive

FOX Carolina's Tresia Bowles is Getting Answers on issues along Overbrook Drive in Cherokee County.
Updated: Sep. 2, 2021 at 3:20 PM EDT
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GAFFNEY, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - We’re taking a look at why drivers are concerned about Overbrook Drive in Cherokee County.

A part of this road runs parallel to I-85, where crews are working on removing the chutes.

Our “Getting Answers” submissions describe the poor conditions from Loves Springs Road to Cannon’s Campground Road.

Mark McGuirk lives on Overbrook Drive.

“Feels like when they first landed on the moon at The Apollo. And they had to drive on the moon. It’s basically a huge crater,” McGuirk said.

Leah Hall lives there too and says the noises you hear while driving will jar you.

“I swear, you’re feeling like your car got shot. It’s so loud,” said Hall.

Ashton Davidson lives with Hall. She says there are too many potholes to count. The road was last paved in 2009, according to the SCDOT. And 1,650 vehicles use the problem area per day.

“It’s not even like it’s like one or two potholes. It’s probably over 20 all in one area,” Davidson said.

Some areas have more patches than pavement.

“It doesn’t get fixed right. People put gravel, and stuff, to try and fix it, but they need to pave the whole road,” Hall said.

The state’s Department of Transportation tells me they’ve fixed 38 potholes over the last year. If the crew uses proper repair techniques, a good repair is expected to last for 30 days. However, they say they understand the job doesn’t always last that long. Though, some do. They tell us they’re typically doing a quick fix and fill the hole to prevent damage. And they can refill the potholes every 30 days.

Davidson says the worst part is the bridge past Silverton Road.

“You pass over the bridge down there, you will literally hear the underside of your car scrapping the road,” Davidson said, “It’s a terrible metal-scrapping sound.”

And it’s so noisy, Phillips says she can’t get any shut-eye.

“I can’t sleep at night. They hit the holes. And it’s so loud it wakes me up,” Phillips said.

The sounds, coupled with the traffic on I-85, are a recipe for an ear-splitting distraction.

McGuirk is raising two little girls while dealing with this every day. He’s concerned about their safety and potential damage to his vehicles.

“Number one, it’s in bad shape as it is; but also, number two, there’s a lot of heavy construction equipment going up and down this road—a lot of dump trucks. And those things are big. And they’re heavy. And they’re tearing up our roads,” McGuirk said.

Overbrook Drive is often used as a detour since it’s so close to the interstate. Phillips says there is congestion from time to time.

“About a month ago, the traffic had to stop to get over the hole. That’s how deep it was,” Phillips said.

The question drivers are asking is: are they going to repave Overbrook Drive when they’re done with the work on 85?

We brought your questions to the SCDOT. They say the work on I-85 will not stall any planned work on Overbrook Drive, as they both have separate contracts. I-85 is a part of the Interstate Improvement Program. Overbrook is a part of the Resurfacing Program.

Overbrook Drive from Green River Road to Love Springs Road will be relocated to make room the I-85′s widening. That includes the portion from Green River to Forest Drive and a small portion on each side of Surratt School Road will also be relocated due to the widening project.

The remaining sections from Forest Drive to Surratt School Road and from Surratt School to Love Springs are included in the 2022 State Resurfacing Program with a letting date set for March 2022. No completion date has been set.

Phillips is hoping to get some beauty sleep eventually.

“If they hurry and get 85 fixed, then everything will be better,” said Phillips.