Attorney for sons of Alex Murdaugh’s former housekeeper shares new details

Updated: Sep. 29, 2021 at 2:38 PM EDT
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COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - The lawyer of Gloria Satterfield’s sons, Tony and Brian, says the two boys have not received any of the millions of dollars of settlement money they were owed since their mother’s death.

In an interview with FOX Carolina, Eric Bland, the lawyer for Satterfield’s sons, says the two men found out about the settlement from a newspaper article late last year.

Bland says the two claim their first attorney, Corey Fleming, never told them a settlement was reached.

The two men went through several attorneys trying to find someone to take the case to reclaim their inheritance before they were led to Eric Bland.

Then they filed a lawsuit that Bland says led to the uncovering of an unfiled order where a judge approved an additional $4.3 million dollar settlement.

According to the lawsuit Bland filed, they believe Alex Murdaugh embezzled up to $4 million for his own personal gain.

“Alex Murdaugh who falsely set up an account named Forge to mirror a settlement structure company out of Atlanta, Georgia called Forge Consulting. That’s a company that all of us plaintiffs lawyers, when we’re going to do structured settlements for minors or people who have long term medical issues, get their money out over time. He had Corey Fleming send settlement proceeds that were by court order supposed to go to my clients, the beneficiaries, to a P.O Box in Hampton and make the checks out to a company called Forge,” says Bland.

It was also mentioned during the interview that Murdaugh told the two men that their mother’s death was his fault. Bland says the men trusted Alex Murdaugh to help them with the wrongful death lawsuit and considered themselves extensions of the Murdaugh family.

Bland then goes into detail about what he says happened the day Gloria Satterfield was injured at the Murdaugh home.

“Maggie, his wife made the 911... She and both Paul spoke to the 911 operator and said that Gloria Satterfield had fallen outside of their the exterior stairs on their home. And so an ambulance was dispatched and when they came, she was on the ground and we’re told by SLED that there was blood next to where she fell next to her head. She was then taken to a hospital in Savannah and then airlifted to a hospital in Summerville, South Carolina where she remained for three weeks until she died. She suffered a subdural hematoma, " says Bland.

Bland and Satterfield’s sons have filed a motion asking Murdaugh to be arrested and detained until the money is returned.

Investigations are still ongoing in the embezzlement allegations against Murdaugh and SLED has said they have uncovered other possible crimes they are looking into as well.