Updated: Sep. 30, 2021 at 3:18 PM EDT
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EASLEY S.C. (FOX Carolina) - We’re Getting Answers about Arizona Road for you.

This road runs from Highway 88 to Three and Twenty Road, in Easley, on the Anderson County side. Drivers say it’s a short road with long problems.

James “Slim” Quinny says the experience is jarring.

“In the car, truck, whatever you’re driving down there, if it’s not tight, it’ll be loose by the time you get from one end to the other,” said Quinny.

Quinny says Arizona Road is not worth the drive for he and his pal, Buddy.

“My dog is in the passenger side of the seat where he always sits; but when we go down that road,” Quinny said, “He doesn’t know whether to stay in the seat or stay in the floorboard.”

As soon as you turn on Arizona Road from Highway 88 (Old Greenville Highway) you’ll see a road sign that says “Rough Road.”

The state’s Department of Transportation says these signs are typical for a road that doesn’t get a lot of attention as a warning for drivers to slow down. Quinny says he thinks it’s a cop-out.

“I think that’s the lazy man way out,” Quinny said, “Instead of putting that sign up, the county or the state should go out there and fix that.”

The road is about three miles long with only a couple of houses on it. The SCDOT says around 300 vehicles take this road every day.

Channing Barnes, of Liberty, says Arizona Road may be short, but it can get busy.

“Between 2:30 and 6:30 p.m., it’s a major cut-through that gets to you to Easley,” Barnes said.

Barnes believes the potholes have been an issue for over a decade, The SCDOT says it isn’t sure when the last time the road was paved.

“They say it has just been too long since it has been repairs. And the potholes can speak for themselves,” Barnes said.

Quinny describes what it feels like to take a ride.

“Very, very terrible. The experience driving down through there is like driving through a landfill that has got ruts everywhere. I mean, the road is just eat up with erosion everything through the weather poor maintenance,” Quinny said.

The SCDOT says Arizona Road was turned in with the next round of Non-Federal Aid Secondary Resurfacing in the 2021 Pavement Improvement Program. Their crews have fixed seven potholes in the last year.

“It’s a safety issue. And as a taxpayer, you know, even though it’s a rural road, we feel like, even one complaint should have somebody come out and assess the situation,” said Barnes.

Fortunately for Barnes, the road is set for an asphalt overlay. And it is tentatively scheduled to go out for bids in January 2022. So, if Buddy can hold on just a little while longer, we should see some improvements soon. Quinny says he’ll be watching.

“South Carolina DOT, get your butts in gear and get going,” Quinny said.