Getting Answers: Brick House Road

FOX Carolina's Tresia Bowles is Getting Answers on issues along Brick House Road in Cherokee County.
Updated: Nov. 11, 2021 at 6:47 PM EST
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GAFFNEY, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - We’re getting to the bottom of what’s going with Brick House Road, in Cherokee County.

The road stretches from Wilkinsville Highway almost until you get to Union Highway, in Gaffney. And about halfway through the road, it turns into a dirt road, then,  better conditions on the other side.

Brendan Walker passes through Brick House Road from time-to-time.

“It’s not the best road. That’s for sure. And it could use some work,” Walker said.

Some drivers say it feels like you’re riding over bricks when you drive it.

Dr. Greg Little is the pastor of Victory Baptist Church which is off Brick House Road.

“It doesn’t look that bad until you hit it. And it sounds like you hit another car, it’s so loud,” Little said.

Little is praying for the state to work a miracle.

“We keep running into potholes over and over. And they were supposed to be fixing those, as well as the ones in the city. They haven’t been fixed. Don’t know why. I haven’t heard,” Little said.

And when asked what it’s like driving on Brick House, Walker says:

“Like I’m on a four-wheeler when I hit those potholes. It’s just not good. And it doesn’t sound good,” Walker said.

Little says he tries his best to avoid the potholes near Ballenger Road.

“You have to cross the yellow line to miss them. And you have to watch for on-coming traffic, because usually the road’s not that busy, or you have to run slightly off the road to get around it,” said Little.

The state’s Department of Transportation says 550 vehicles take this road every day. It’s on the middle of the list of the Non-Federal Aid Secondary Candidate list. This means, the low-traffic volume does not quality it for any federal funds. State funds will be used when its turn comes up.

“I don’t know why it wouldn’t be on the list, because it needs to be on the list; because it’s a bad road,” said Walker.

The SCDOT says given what was programmed for their 2022 Resurfacing Program and the monetary allocations, Brick House Road is not on their immediate resurfacing radar due to higher-ranking routes. And no major maintenance projects are planned for the road, which means some of the drivers wants won’t be fulfilled.

“Re-pave the road. Get rid of all the spots. And make it drivable again,” Little said.

And no record on the last time this road was paved, but the DOT has received five work orders to fix potholes this past year. Still, maybe, with a little faith, it can move up on the list someday.

“It just needs a good paving—a real good paving without any potholes,” Walker said.

The SCDOT says it will continue to monitor the route and make the necessary repairs until the department can add this road to the paving program. Also, the DOT will continue to perform routine maintenance—such as mowing, surface repairs, patching, and shoulder grading. Shoulder grading will likely take place within the next calendar year. Mowing will occur next calendar year five times a year. And surface repairs will occur as needed throughout the year.