Coffee prices hit 10-year high

Updated: Feb. 22, 2022 at 11:05 PM EST
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Greenville, SC (Fox Carolina) - For most of us, coffee is a favorite drink, but you might have noticed the cost of your favorite cup of joe has gone up.

The price of coffee has nearly doubled since this time last year.

Chestnut Coffee House opened their doors in Greenville in January.  The same month, coffee prices hit a 10-year high.

“I have always loved coffee shops,” owner Brandi Ward said, “There is something special about them.”

Ward said the shop only use local ingredients and roasters which helps keep their costs down without compromising quality.

“We really love working with local people because the supply is not as much of an issue as if you were buying from a corporation,” Ward said.

The shop sells other items like tea, pastries, and whole beans which helps offset rising coffee costs. To help customers save a little money, the shop also offers a rewards program for frequent coffee buyers.

Carlos Camargo owns Unlocked Coffee Roasters and Coffee Shop in Greenville’s West Village. Camargo brings in coffee beans from around the world then roasts and distributes the beans to shops around the Upstate.

“We buy coffee directly from the farmers or the coffee importers,” Camargo said.

The cost of coffee is soaring after bad weather hit Brazil, the worlds largest coffee producer. The supply chain issue jolted prices and Camargo said it’s impacting shops here in town.

“Now the prices are going to high levels,” Camargo said.

Unlocked had to up the price of a cup of coffee and the sticker price for whole beans.

“It’s about 10 or 15 percent higher than it was last year and it might continue to increase because you can’t really control the prices of your raw materials,” Camargo said.

Local businesses are not alone. Starbucks has steadily raised prices and plans to raise them again later this year.