Published: Mar. 24, 2022 at 7:05 PM EDT
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ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - We are digging into problems with Hamlin Road.

You’ll find it between Old Greenville Highway and Anderson Highway. It’s about three miles long from Easley to Liberty.

And though the road goes through Anderson County and, briefly, Pickens County, Anderson County is responsible for maintaining the road.

Drivers tell us they are done with the potholes in the road, especially on the end toward Liberty.

The issues get really bad at the intersection of Alpen Road.

Ken Miller says it’s a stand-out road in the county

“Hamlin Road is one of the worst roads around here,” said Miller.

Charles Carlisle says he’s disappointed in how bad Hamlin Road has gotten.

“I’ve been down here nearly 40 years. And I call this my home,” Carlisle said, “And I think my driveway is in better shape than the road.”

And over those four decades, Carlisle says his truck has taken hit, after hit because of the potholes.

“Them trucks travel this road every day for six days a week,” said Carlisle, “And these holes have been on this road ever since. It’s the worst it has ever been.”

Channing Barnes talked to us about Arizona Road, in Anderson County, a few months ago. He reached out again to discuss concerns with Hamlin.

“When you hit a pothole, it throws your car from one side to the other,” Barnes said.

Barnes says the road is busy for a reason. The Anderson County Roads and Bridges Department says over 1,200 vehicles take this road daily.

“It’s a major cut-through road; especially for mothers and children when they’re taking their kids home from school—big safety issue,” said Barnes.

Arizona Road has a sign that said “rough road.” Miller says Hamlin could use one too.

“They need to have signs that say rough road ahead, because it’s broken up—potholes in it and the sides of the road are just coming off,” Miller said.

The conditions are bad from Hendricks Road on down toward Easley. When it rains, you can see the water building up in the potholes.

Miller is wondering when someone is going to do some work on the road.

“‘Well, you can’t do it now, but when are you going to do it? Put it on your list,” said Miller.

Roads and Bridges says Hamlin Road is on their list. The road hasn’t been paved since 1996. The department says they’re aware Hamlin Road is in poor condition. So, they have plans to improve it.

“Just honestly, a full repave because even since I was little—probably five years old, I know this road hasn’t been paved,” Barnes said.

County Roads and Bridges plans to invest $1.7 million into this road. If approved, it could be paved this year. For now, they plan to continue to repair potholes and damage as need.

“Fix the roads,” Carlisle said, “We deserve better to drive on than what we’ve got.”

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