Friend of Alexis Ware speaks out on 2-month anniversary of her disappearance

Alexis' best friend Alize says they are still clinging to the hope she is out there, as they look to the FBI and ACSO for answers.
Published: Mar. 31, 2022 at 2:24 AM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - For friends of Alexis Ware, these last 2 months have been filled with so many emotions, they now feel numb.

“Helpless. That’s the perfect word. Helpless,” said one of her best friends Alize, who spoke to FOX Carolina this afternoon. “You wish you could do something but you don’t know what to do.”

Family and friends just celebrated Lex’s 30th birthday a few weeks ago. Alize says the Greenville mother of 2 was a best friend, mentor, and confidant.

“Her smile is contagious. Her laugh is contagious,” Alize said.

Alize says she spoke with Alexis on the phone right before she vanished.

“I spoke to her briefly. She told me she’d be seeing me soon,” Alize recounted.

Since her disappearance on January 30th from the 7-11 on Highway 29 North in Anderson County, a lot has happened.

Alexis’ red Honda sedan was found near the Georgia state line, the FBI got involved , and still, Alize says they don’t feel any closer to answers.

“There’s no way to piece together a puzzle when there’s so many missing pieces,” Alize said.

Federal officials we spoke to say they are looking for any and all possible leads, and are asking the community to speak up if they know something.

Alize tells us that it all just feels like a bad dream, and it’s scary hitting so close to home.

“I hope I’m in Walmart tomorrow and Alexis taps me on the shoulder and gives me a hug,” Alize said.

She had a message for her best friend if she’s listening tonight.

“Your children want to hug you, I want to hug you, your mother wants to hug you. We love you.”

Family members and activists who we’ve spoken to say they are pushing for the FBI to announce a reward for information about Alexis’ disappearance, something they hope will entice someone to come forward.

They’ve written to senator Lindsey Graham’s office as well.

We will stay on top of this investigation as it continues to develop.