Tanglewood Middle student shares experience following fatal shooting

Published: Apr. 1, 2022 at 6:36 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Breyenne Palma Alemdares, 13, says she was so close to where the shooting took place that she could hear the boom from what she believes was a gunshot.

After she commented on FOX Carolina’s Facebook page, with her mother’s permission, we sat down with her so she could share her experience.

Almendares is an eighth-grader. She fought back tears throughout most of the conversation.

She shares the moment she knew something was wrong.

“My friends started yelling. And my teachers started yelling, as well. She said, ‘Get into the room. Get into the room. This is a lockdown. This is not a drill. This is real.’”

Almendares says she’s used to loud noises. Sometimes students step on milk cartons to make a boom sound, but not this time. She recorded video on her phone as she and her classmates were escorted to buses so that they could be reunited with family at Brookwood Church.

She hopes this opens the doors for parents to check in with their children.

“This is also the fault of the parents, because they need to have more responsibility with guns and all of that because a lot of people can get hurt,” said Almendares.

Jamari Jackson lost his life, and Almendares continues to relive his tragedy. She says she didn’t know Jamari but heard good things about him. And through her gratefulness to be alive still lies unbearable pain.

“I made it out. And I wasn’t hurt. I’m really happy,” Almendares said.

She believes schools should be a safe place. Here is her message to the shooter:

“Bringing a gun to school and killing innocent people is not OK,” said Almendares, “Many other people could have gotten hurt.”

She plans to return to school Monday and is considering counseling. And she’s grateful for her teachers and administration for doing what they were supposed to do to keep them safe.