Published: Apr. 21, 2022 at 6:00 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - We heard your concerns about White Horse Road. And we looked into it.

The road is a part of Highway 25, from Augusta Road to Poinsett Highway. Drivers says the worst sections of it is from Anderson Road to Broadway Avenue.

Through your submissions, we learned the issues are deeper than just potholes. We saw complaints about uneven manhole covers, rough railroad tracks, and accidents too.

Laquasha Watson says the intersection of Anderson Road is a stand-out.

“Awful, the potholes are bad. The roads are very bad,” Watson said, “And my car is already messed up. So, it doesn’t do it any good.”

Jackson says she was embarrassed when she got a flat tire on White Horse Road with a rider in her vehicle.

“I drive Lyft,” Jackson said, “And it’s hard to get up and down those roads, back and forth, without damaging your car in one way or another.”

Another bad intersection is Welcome Avenue.

“It’s really bad there,” said Jackson, “They’re patching it. The patches are uneven. Some of the patches are worn off. The manhole covers are not aligned.”

Problems with the traffic kept coming up as well. The state’s Department of Transportation says White Horse Road sees anywhere from 29,000 to over 40,000 drivers a day. Back in 2017, the state’s Secretary of Transportation ranked it as one of the worst when it comes to safety.

Carol Bratcher takes this road to church.

“Put some thought into what they’re doing,” Bratcher said, “It can handle the traffic, but the fact that there are so many holes; it makes it dangerous. And it’s not right.”

For Jackson, she worries about the dangers.

“When they do spend time on the roads, fix it instead of the patches, because the patches don’t last. Put some more effort. Act like you care,” Jackson said.

The SCDOT says they’ve fixed 14 potholes is the past year. And they have eight claims for vehicle damage over the past few years.

“Because the roads need to be fixed. They’re taking it from our taxes, right? So, why can’t they fix it?” Watson said.

According to the DOT, a safety corridor project is coming. This will include raising concrete medians in parts of the road that have a lot of accidents, installing pedestrian ramps, crosswalks, countdown signals, and intersection upgrades. This goes out for bids in May.

“They really need to start paving the whole thing, but they need to start in the worst areas first,” said Bratcher.

No information about paving, and no word on the last time this road was paved, but as far as manhole covers and railroad tracks, the SCDOT says they’re not responsible for the maintenance. That falls on the utility companies and railroad companies.

If you’d like to report a rough railroad track, on each railroad sign is a complain number and identification for the location. You can call them.

To get work done on a manhole cover, call the SCDOT’s district office to forward the complain to a specific utility company.

Regardless, the improvements are not just about comfort, for drivers, but also their welfare.

“I’d just feel more safe, as in not worried about going over something and about to wreck or maybe hitting someone coming down this way,” Watson said.

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