Skinny Medic keeping up with ‘Stop the Bleed’ kit demand

Skinny Medic keeps up with demand for 'Stop the Bleed' kits
Published: May. 2, 2022 at 8:08 PM EDT
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PICKENS, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Dietrich Easter has a Pickens County business reaching all parts of the world. It’s through his business supplying “Stop the Bleed” kits.

The issue the public faces is being unfamiliar with how to use them. Easter is attempting to close that gap in an approachable way over social media. You may know him through his 150,000 YouTube subscribers as the “Skinny Medic.”

“It’s been a huge blessing, my wife and I prayed about starting a business,” Easter said. “I was working multiple jobs and prayed over $100 on the kitchen table.”

Easter owns the company Medical Gear Outfitters and he said because of the unrest in Ukraine and mass shootings consistently happening, he cannot keep kits on the shelves.

“it’s definitely effecting us here locally,” Easter said. “We went from shipping kits out the next day, some even ordering the same day, to now we’re weeks out from shipping out orders.”

Easter serves as a paramedic for Pickens County. He’s also part of the SWAT team and does in service training for EMTs and paramedics. He sets himself apart by making anyone feel like they are their own first responder through social media.

“There’s not a whole lotta people doing first aid videos on YouTube, no one’s really focusing on first aid supply and trauma kits and things like that,” Easter said.

Skinny Medic is using social media platforms to walk through stop the bleed lessons in an approachable way, especially during “Stop the Bleed” month.

“We’re just trying to get the information out there to the average person to the public about how to use these things and not to be scared of them.”

Easter said local first responders should have their kits back in stock in a couple of weeks.