Greenville County deputies try to stop sex in the park

Greenville County deputies try to stop sex in the park
Published: May. 18, 2022 at 11:25 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Parents say “enough is enough” after their kids witness people having sex in the park, day or night. Only we are alongside deputies as they point out where it’s happening and what their plan is to stop it.

Deputies said this is one of the biggest problems they’ve tried to tackle all year and people still won’t stop. It’s starts with an app. The app is one of the most popular sites for these kind of hook ups in the entire state.

“This has become the destination of nothing but trouble,” a witness said. “There’s appropriate places to “do it,” and this just isn’t one of them.”

Greenville County deputies with the directed patrol unit are part of SWAT, they fight gambling, prosecution and narcotics. Their latest issue is one they never expected. They said people are having sex in Pelham Mill Park in Greer.

“Condoms, porno, lube bottles and not like a few but dozens and dozens,” a witness said.

“So any time there’s a specific complaint that comes into the Sheriff’s Office, that’s what we’re tasked with dealing with,” Lt. Bobby Duncan said.

Duncan said the hooks up start with an app. “We’ll have the app up, and we see there’s a bubble above 10 to 15 cars parked out here. Once that person’s attention has been caught, they’ll immediately get out of the car and they’re now walking down the path into the park.”

One man wants to keep his identity private because his property is behind the park. An area he bought is for his family to ride four wheelers and sight see, but not in this way. “We came to ride our little scooters and four wheelers and as we pulled in, a gentleman in a suit was sitting there pleasuring himself for the whole world to see as we pull in.”

Yelp reviews show other parents concerned about the activity. Deputies have been going undercover for months, interested less in arrests and more about stopping the public problem.

“Our last five operations out here, we’ve made 9 arrests, three each time, those arrests have been made in about a 4 to 5 hour window,” Lt. Bobby Duncan said. “We’re not trying to embarrass anybody, we’re not trying to make a scene about it, we just wanted to stop.”

The punishment can carry up to 3 years in prison and depending on how severe the charge is, they can face a felony sex offense.

“It’s big city problems in country nature, right?” a witness said.