SC State Representative lost sister to racist shooting, now traveling to Buffalo, NY

SC State Representative lost sister to racist shooting, now traveling to Buffalo, NY
Published: May. 24, 2022 at 11:03 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - “We are beaten, but not broken.” That’s what Representative JA Moore said about the continuous mass shootings fueled by racism. After seeing the racist supermarket attack in Buffalo, the politician is hitting the road to speak with families whose pain he’s personally walked through.

Moore’s sister was killed in the Charleston Church shooting back in June of 2015. “You immediately feel angry, you immediately feel lost. Immediately. My whole life is different, it will always be different because of white supremacist terrorists, but it’s a pain that continues to fuel my purpose.”

After seeing the images come from Buffalo, 10 dead in a racist supermarket attack, it brought back the same feelings he had on the day of his sister’s murder. Moore said seeing the shooting hit him differently and he knew to turn pain in purpose.

“My trip to Buffalo is an act of liberation, it’s an act of freedom it’s an act of justice,” Moore said. He plans to go to Buffalo Wednesday and Thursday to meet with victim’s families and to help with food insecurity by raising money.

“We’re strong resilience. We will not allow terrorism and hatred or even murder to cause us to relinquish this concept of freedom, of justice, of active liberty, we won’t allow it.”

Moore will meet with the Buffalo Mayor and lean into service. As a chef and a volunteer teacher, providing ways to access food is very close to his heart.

“We are beaten but not broken, and that we will continue to fight for liberty justice and freedom for all people,” Moore said.