The color of your child’s swimsuit could save their life

Published: May. 26, 2022 at 11:09 AM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - With the weather warming up, more and more people are hitting the water, and swim safety is on every parent’s mind.

A swim instructor shares a simple tip that could save your child’s life. It comes down to the color of their swimsuit.

“Before I became an instructor, I never thought about the color of my child’s swimsuit. Now I’m more vigilant about bright colors,” Amber Walker, a certified ISR instructor said, “If there were an emergency I would be able to find them quicker.”

A bright swimsuit could prevent drowning. Greenville-based ISR swim instructor, Amber Walker explains.

A brightly-colored bathing suit could save a life, experts say.
A brightly-colored bathing suit could save a life, experts say.(Palmetto Infant Swim, LLC)

“When you go shopping for any swimsuit for your child, look for bright colors,” Walker said, “If your child were to fall in the water, it’s easier to see the bright colors at the bottom of the pool.”

Walker said to avoid colors that blend in with the water. “You’re trying to avoid blues, grays, and darker greens.”

She said parents should also stay away from darker-colored suits which can be mistaken for debris or shadows in the pool.

Instead, opt for a bright, contrasting color that stands out in the water.

“Look for pink, bright orange, yellow,” Walker said.

“It’s just a good thing to remember that bright is the best because you can see it better in an emergency,” Walker said.