Local playwright gearing up for performance

How a Greenville native is breaking barriers in the world of theater at home
Published: Jun. 10, 2022 at 2:29 AM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Theater is one of those arts that gives license to expression and much more - acting. For a Greenville native, it’s something he couldn’t picture his life without.

Patrick Styles has written seven plays, something he’s very proud of.

“I’ve been writing plays for about 12 years now,” the playwright said. “The gratification from a live audience, there’s nothing like it.”

Now, Styles and the latest cast are preparing for performance, again.

Desperate Measures II will hit the stage this coming Saturday at the Peace Center. D’Atra Hicks, a personality know for work in Tyler Perry productions will be apart of the play. Along with gospel recording artist, Zacardi Cortez.

Not only does he write, he also performs in them. Stage life became a passion of Styles in the 90′s. A passion that was birthed in the Nicholtown Community.

“Phyllis Wheatley repertory theater, and then performing at the school talent shows  and singing all over the place,” Styles said.

In the early 2000′s, he was signed to an R&B record deal. Life then took Styles to the northeast.

But he didn’t stay gone for too long.

While back in the Upstate, living with family, the singer/performer started putting life’s experience to paper. Manifesting art that’s grows in appreciation with every play he writes. The audience gets bigger every time.

For some, becoming so vulnerable for others to see can be frightening, stressful, and time consuming.

However, it’s a life Styles wouldn’t trade.

“Once you’re doing it; it lets you know that the gifts God placed upon you, they’re in you and you got to express them,” he said with pride.

This weekend’s shows will consist of music, laughter, ministry, and lessons that can applied to real life.

The play is a drama, so be prepared for jaw-dropping moments.

“There’s a message behind what we’re writing.”

Tickets can be purchased here.