North Greenville’s Tristen Hudson honors late father in World Series win

Published: Jun. 13, 2022 at 7:02 PM EDT
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TIGERVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - With one inning left in the Division-II College World Series, North Greenville put the ball in Tristen Hudson’s hands. When the pitcher took the mound, he had confidence knowing a loved one was watching over him.

“From the time that I threw the pitch to the time that the crowd erupted there was just this weird silence that where we couldn’t hear anything, like everything was deaf,” Tristen Hudson, North Greenville pitcher, said. “That split second, going from absolute silence to just chaos in the matter of a second. We all thought that was pretty cool.”

At that moment, Tristen Hudson became a North Greenville hero. As he celebrated, Hudson couldn’t help but think about his hero.

“He’ll forever be a champion. He’s my hero. He’s my best friend. He’s always my biggest supporter. He was a perfect father for me,” Hudson said. “So I couldn’t be more grateful for the time that I had with him.”

Tristen and his dad Larry bonded on the diamond.

“Baseball was always the one thing that we could always come to agreement on and it was always a shared love that we had.” Hudson said.

Larry dealt with a number of health issues, like prostate cancer, diabetes and a fractured hip to name a few. His health continued to decline into the beginning of 2022.

North Greenville pitcher Tristen Hudson poses with family after a baseball game.
North Greenville pitcher Tristen Hudson poses with family after a baseball game.(Tristen Hudson)

“He was willing to die for us to see out our dreams,” Hudson said. “He was willing to fight through stuff like that just to see us happy and I’m grateful for it.”

On February 19, 2022, Larry Hudson passed away. He was 65 ears old.

“I was there holding his hand when his heart rate hit zero, I gave him a kiss, told him goodbye, and that I loved him,” Hudson said. “He was there for my first breath and I’m glad that I could be there for his last. It’ll be a memory that I’ll never forget.”

A grieving Tristen was enveloped by his team’s love.

“I think our team did a really good job of spending time with him and loving on him even though he was acting like he didn’t need it,” Landon Powell, North Greenville head baseball coach, said. “They just pursued him even more. And I would think Tristen would tell you that made a big deal for him.”

“That’s something I’ll forever be thankful for the North Greenville baseball team is helping me through the most difficult time in my life.” Hudson said.

His fellow Crusaders uplifted him and he repaid them with the most important strikeout of his life.

“What he went through this year was really tough and for him to be on the mound and to throw the last pitch in the World Series after going through that is just a crazy story and I’m really proud of him.” Powell said.

Tristen moves forward, carrying the legacy of his father with him.

“Even though he’s gone his impact here on earth with us, with our family, with everybody else, he made an impact on we’ll always be there,” Hudson said. “I think his soul is a part of mine and that’s something I don’t think will ever change for me.”