Spartanburg Community College unveils new mural

Published: Jun. 21, 2022 at 1:10 AM EDT
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SPARTANBURG, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - An Upstate college shows how art built a wall and a bridge in the Spartanburg community.

“We just wanted something that was representative of everyone,” Spartanburg artist and muralist, Maggie Macdonald said.

Spartanburg Community College asked four local artists to create a new mural to showcase the college’s commitment to education, community, and innovation.

Spartanburg artists Jeremy Kemp, Stephen Long, Maggie Macdonald, and SCC alum, Adrian Meadows brought the idea to life.

“I got to participate with some other great muralists to just create and embody the spirit of community that’s on the SCC campus,” Macdonald said.

Spartanburg Community College asked the artists to dream a little.

“We literally were just in the office sketching out ideas trying to figure out how to best embody the community as a whole and we also wanted something people could actually stand in front of and take pictures with,” Macdonald said.

The Spartanburg artists brought the dream to life.

“The artists that worked on this each have their own styles, but when they worked together, they made it beautifully come together,” Senior Creative Manager at Spartanburg Community College, Jane Bird said.

The artists painted the large and colorful mural on a wall outside the P. Dan Hull building.

“The three areas that we had each artist work on represent education, community, and then finally, innovation,” Bird said.

Macdonald painted the middle, which represents community.

“Mine is a bunch of silhouettes, which is kind of fun with the ‘Dream it, Chase it, Live it’ logo. I got the opportunity to be a little bit more colorful because I was trying to embody individualism and creativity in each little silhouette,” Macdonald said, “Each silhouette embodies a different program or career path at SCC. The gears represent engineering, the little spatulas are for the cooking program, the spark is for the Spark program,” Macdonald said.

The spark spreads beyond the wall. As SCC keeps growing and keeps tuition free, school officials believe the student’s excitement in learning shows up in the art.

“The mural came about as part the student-focused initiative, and that is to add a little more brightness, color, interaction, and engagement for the campus,” Bird said.

The new mural will be featured in a series of commercials for Spartanburg Community College set to air later this summer.