Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 6:53 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Seven drivers submitted Highway 124, or Old Easley Highway, to “Getting Answers,” tying it for the third, most-requested, Upstate road on our list of over 1,000.

You’ll find it between Augusta Street and Highway 123, as it crosses through both Greenville and Pickens Counties.

The Greenville side, near White Horse Road at Bell’s Gas Station, is where we are focused. That’s the area where the bulk of the submissions were complaining.

When we talked to George Wilkie at the pumps, he was eager to share.

“124: It’s a mess. It’s very bumpy,” Wilkie said.

Wilkie describes the rough drive.

“Don’t be drinking anything while you go down that road, because you might spill it all over you,” said Wilkie.

Ronald Young was one of the seven who submitted to us. He says he has to brace himself before the drive.

“If you don’t have both hands on the steering wheel, you don’t know where you’re going to end up, because it’s rattling the car so bad,” Young said.

Crusha Allman says her car has been banged up.

“It feels like it’s a big hole—I’m falling in a big hole,” Allman said.

Wilkie says his kid notices when they’re on Highway 124.

“It’s horrible. It’s terrible. My son, he even comments. And he’s three years old,” Wilkie said, “So, he knows how bad it is as well.”

According to Young, the highway has been horrible for quite a while.

“I can’t remember, in my years here, the last time the whole road was paved,” said Young.

The state’s Department of Transportation says they don’t have record of any paving projects, though the intersection of Highway 124 and Highway 253 was paved 20 years ago.

“I travel that road every night on third shift. And I always hit potholes,” said Allman, “It’s very busy and dangerous.”

The SCDOT says Highway 124 can see over 10,000 vehicles on any given day. Plus, we checked with the South Carolina Highway Patrol. 124 saw 179 collisions from 2018 to 2022.

“These roads need to be repaired for the safety of the drivers that are on there,” Young said.

Wilkie says that goes for the average driver and for those who drive to save lives.

“I’ve gone down that road... my entire life,” said Wilkie, “I used to work for the fire department that works in the general area. So, it’s even affecting emergency responders.”

The DOT tells us they fixed four potholes over the past year and paid four claims for vehicle damage. However, what drivers want is a pave.

“Fix it. Fix the potholes,” Allman said.

Crews will be milling CL, rumble strips from 123 to the county line and replacing the bridge over George’s Creek, but nothing else is on the schedule when it comes to paving. The SCDOT says Old Easley Highway between Sentell Road and White Horse Road is a resurfacing candidate. And they’ll reevaluate this highway for the 2024-2025 Pavement Improvement Program.

Young says the community deserves more.

“You have a lot of growth taking place. And with the increased traffic, infrastructure needs to be taken care of,” said Young.

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