Keeping your AC cool this summer

With hotter than average temperatures in the forecast, simple tips to keep your AC going could make all the difference
Published: Jun. 30, 2022 at 4:47 AM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Sarah Coldiron says her AC has been out since last Sunday.

“It was right at the beginning of the heat wave last week,” she told FOX Carolina. “And it was hot. It’s been pretty awful.”

As a mom to young child and pet owner, Coldiron says she’s always concerned about air quality, so the timing couldn’t be worse.

That’s why she says she called Ben Lagrange and Blue Ridge Heating and Air.

“We had record--or near record--heat last week, and our phone was ringing off the hook,” Lagrange told FOX Carolina.

He and his company have been serving the Carolina’s for decades. But he says this particular summer season, and its expected temperatures, might turn up the heat on homeowners more than ever before.

“Definitely busier than normal,” Lagrange responded, when asked whether he thought business would pick up this year.

We caught up with a Blue Ridge field crew as they repaired the Coldiron family a 100+ degree attic for hours.

“They forget it’s there until it breaks,” Lagrange said of homeowners in general, when asked what the most common causes of unit breakdowns are. “And this hot weather really stresses the system. It’s running a lot more, and it reveals issues with the system.”

In Sarah’s case, he says, it wasn’t her fault. The previous homeowner installed the wrong system, causing the compressor to fail.

“The unit that was had was actually too big for our home, and that wasn’t something we’d realized,” Coldiron said.

Lagrange says they use window units during repair jobs as a stop gap. But he has simple advice for families so that it never gets to that point.

“It’s kind of like preparing for a long road trip,” he explained. “People may check their tires, have their engine checked and other things. Same thought process with your system.”

He says regular annual checkups are a must in our region.

Sarah adds that she and her husband opted for a smaller, more efficient system this time around. She says her advice is--be vigilant.

“We’ve definitely learned our lesson,” she said.

Lagrange says another big factor that is limiting things at the moment are supply chain shortages that cause certain AC parts to run scarce. He says Blue Ridge has had to seek out supplier they don’t normally use in some cases, and that it’s an industry wide issue; just another reason not to sit on it too long if your system is having problems.