GETTING ANSWERS: Highway 176 (Asheville Highway)

Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 8:05 PM EDT
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SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Highway 176 ties third for our second, most requested “Getting Answers” road ever.

Also known as Asheville Highway, it runs almost 240 miles from Columbia to Hendersonville, NC. We are focused on the Inman/Campobello area, in Spartanburg County, as all nine of our requests come from there.

Phyliss Skuba was one of the drivers who submitted to us.

“Every year, the roads continue to deteriorate,” Skuba said, “They do patchwork. It never gets better.”

Skuba says she hasn’t noticed any paves lately.

“As a resident I just see, every year, nothing’s changing; more development and not enough roads being fixed,” said Skuba.

Kelli Riley also filled out our submission form. She describes what it’s like to drive on 176.

“Shaking, rattling, just doing a lot of ‘Ugh!’ when you have to take that pothole,” said Riley.

Mary Bales couldn’t believe only nine people have stepped up to say something,

“I’m surprised there’s not more actually, to be honest,” Bales said, “I’m pretty sure I would think there would be more than nine. I would have done it myself.”

We noticed the intersections of Highway 11, near The Doghouse, and in front of Tabernacle of Salvation Slavic Church and Marbry Middle were particularly bad.

“It’s a mess. The roads are pretty bad. We’ve been wanting them to get fixed for a long time,” said Bales.

The state’s Department of Transportation says this highway sees anywhere from 4,800 to 18,400 vehicles daily, depending on the section.

“We’re in a rural town in a rural area. So, we have to drive a little bit longer distance to get where we want to,” Riley said, “And we want that drive to be safe, not have to worry about getting a flat tire.”

The SCDOT says three vehicles have filed damage claims since July 2021—all approved. Plus, crews repaired nine potholes.

Riley isn’t impressed.

“If they’re going to do patch work, make sure the patch work is level,’ said Riley “Don’t try to put a square over a circle, because it doesn’t work.”

Skuba has some suggestions for what to do to fix it.

“They need to come in. And start all over. Rip them up. Lay down new pavement. And just start fresh,” said Skuba.

Asheville Highway from West Clark Road to I-26, in the Inman area, is a part of the 2023-2024 Pavement Improvement Program. The DOT expects the letting day to be Fall 2023 or Winter 2023, with work to start in the seasons after. The work is not guaranteed to start that year. It all depends on the contractors.

“Have the manpower and the time to do it right the first time. And I think it will make everyone else happier too,” Bales said, “That’s from the neighbors, you guys. It’s not just me.”

Drivers also also complained about low visibility when it rains. The SCDOT says 176 was painted in October 2020. And each road is re-painted about every six years, depending on the budget. However, drivers can report their specific needs to Spartanburg Maintenance at: 864-587-4725.

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