Artist turns to sheep for whimsical, colorful commentary

Conni Togel of ‘Sheep Incognito’ says people can learn a lot from these simple animals
Conni Togel's sheep paintings offer a bit of whimsy and humor
Published: Aug. 24, 2022 at 11:42 PM EDT
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ANDERSON, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - When it comes to making comments about current events and politics, Conni Togel lets her sheep do the talking.

Togel’s “Sheep Incognito” artwork features colorful, whimsical portrayals of sheep with titles that often reflect conversations taking place.

“Sheep are better than humans,” Togel told Fox Carolina. “They don’t have trigger fingers.”

Her painting entitled ‘Fake Gnus’ is a nod to the “fake news” debate. It shows sheep dressed up in costumes to mimic the look of African wildebeests, also known as gnus.

“Whatever happens in politics occasionally gets a comment, but I try to cover it in sheep’s wool to make it a little more palatable,” Togel said.

The humor in some of her creations like “Dancing Hookers” is directed at knitting enthusiasts. The painting shows sheep dancing atop knitting tools known as “knooks” or “hooks.”

“I try to use titles and commentary to make people smile and laugh,” Togel said.

This painting by Conni Togel of Sheep Incognito is titled "Smell No Evil"

Some of Togel’s paintings aim to promote a sense of peace after tragedy. She painted “United We Stand,” which shows a sheep alongside other animals, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A couple of her paintings portray sheep acknowledging the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“(Sheep) actually have that harmlessness and innocence to them,” Togel said. “I think that’s what is missing in the world.”

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