Developers give details on $15 million affordable housing plan near Unity Park

Published: Sep. 12, 2022 at 10:27 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Remember when Unity Park first opened back in May, the city said they also had plans to build housing around it. Well now we’re getting a better look at the plans.

The plan is to build eight different housing sites. Mostly apartments, all adjacent to Unity Park. They might look like the higher cost apartments you’ve seen built lately, but these units are designed to be affordable.

“You talked about the urgent moment of now. We are in an urgent moment for affordable housing” said Bryan Brown, with the Greenville Housing Fund.

A few months ago the city of Greenville opened 60 acres of greenspace for the public

but the park was only half the project.

“We feel like this is an opportunity to really be able to highlight and show that you can do high quality, affordable housing,” said James Jordan, a developer of the project.

In the middle of a county housing crisis, where more than 4,000 people are awaiting assistance, the Greenville Housing Fund and several private development partners made plans to build 1,000 units. It’s not just one site, it’s 8.

“Based upon all I know, this is a great stand to begin a process” said Council member Lillian Brock Flemming.

Hundreds of units will be priced for families HUD considers low income to extremely low income. There are also two projects reserved for seniors. Some units will also be priced at market rate too. Developers say the city giving the land is what made this possible. otherwise, just 1 acre can cost $1 million.

“I’m very excited about the look, and the quality of the construction on this project,” said Jordan.

The features have a fresh and appealing look something developers say is intentional.

“You shouldn’t be able to pick out what’s affordable in the community and I believe that this is a testament to that philosophy” said Brown.

Some of the projects are ready to begin as early as this year. They only presented details of 4 out of the 8 developments today. Here’s a link to the presentation.