Cook brothers share family and football at Byrnes

Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 10:36 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - A football field is full of brothers. The best beat teams have the tightest bonds. Byrnes has a trio of athletes that have that family bond away from the sport.

There’s a familiar name on the Brynes sideline.

“It’s not really like an on-off,” Kwai Cook, Brynes senior defensive back, said. “It’s like an on-on relationship really.”

The Rebels have a tight family bond that goes beyond the white lines.

“There’s not no limit to it,” Kyai Cook, Brynes senior receiver, said. “I’ll do anything for them.”

Three Cook brothers suit up for the Rebels. Kwai and Kyai Cook are twins and Knai Cook is their younger brother. The trio grew up on the football field.

“It was like every day after school,” Kyai Cook said. “We always would want to win.”

“Growing up playing football against them is always like competitive because we’re always trying to be better against each other and stuff.” Kwai Cook said.

“Very competitive,” Knai Cook, Brynes junior safety, said. “Especially me trying to be better than them at the time trying to prove myself worthy.”

The backyard battles were legendary. All three wanted to be better than each other. It made them better athletes.

“Way better than I think I would have been without them,” Knai Cook said. “If it was just me, I don’t think I would be this good.”

“Man, that’s a blessing man. A lot of people don’t really got brothers,” Kyai Cook, Brynes senior wide receiver, said. “So they go home and they just workout by themselves. I can go home and when I work out, it’s competition. If I do speed workout, I’m going against my brothers. So I’m really doing speed workouts and racing at the same time. So, really getting two times better.”

This is the last year all three will be on the same field together. The brothers are cherishing their final games together.

“I’m so grateful that I’m on the same team with them for the rest of my career of high school.” Kwai Cook said.

“It’s really a blessing to play high school with my brothers,” Kyai Cook said. “A lot of people can’t say that.”

“Love them a lot,” Knai Cook said. “I feel blessed to have this experience. I mean, I wish everybody could have this.”