Limestone prepares for first on campus football game

Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 11:38 PM EDT
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GAFFNEY, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - When Limestone would suit up for games. They’d travel from campus. All the way down to the Reservation. But, starting this Saturday. The Saints play on campus for the first time in program history.

In order to bring the game back to Limestone, a turf field with stands to seat almost 3 thousand people was made.

“Our guys have been talking about this for a long time.” Mike Furrey, Limestone head football coach, said.

“Limestone’s been around since 1845, but to think right here in 2022 in this September we’re going to play our first home football game on our own soil, pretty exciting to be a part of something like that.” Mike Cerino, Limestone Director of Athletics, said.

“Everybody wants to be able to play at home and have home games. And these guys, this 2022 football team will be the first ones to do it here.”

With it being the first time, the Saints even had to practice their intros. Even the fans are excited for the new atmosphere.

“Having played a tremendous facility that Gaffney High is, there’s still no substitute for the atmosphere you get when you’re on campus on your own campus for a game,” Edwin “So, I’m really excited to have that opportunity to see us have that atmosphere here.”

Bringing football to the campus is the first step towards a long term goal of making a top tier game day experience.

“Just a positive environment. Full of energy. Chaos but controlled chaos,” Furrey said. “And I want to go back. You know, I’ve got to go back, we’ve got to go back and watch these guys play week in and week out because of the performance that they’ve put on. We’re not just on the field, but everything. How everything’s handled off the field. How everything was organized. That’s college football. That’s all of us. That’s what we do.”