West Greenville woman says neighborhood bridge needs work

‘I would describe this bridge as something that is crumbling, ready to fall down’
Published: Oct. 11, 2022 at 10:27 AM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - A frustrated Greenville woman says she’s been asking for a busy neighborhood road to be looked at for years, but her requests have gone unfulfilled.

The Queen Street Bridge runs over the railroad tracks in West Greenville, where Emma Baldwin has lived her whole life.

“I would describe this bridge as something that is crumbling, ready to fall down,” she said.

The bridge, although structurally sound, doesn’t look great. Time has chipped away large pieces of concrete, revealing the rebar holding the structure together. Potholes and patches cover the road and the narrow street doesn’t give drivers much room to maneuver around them.

Baldwin has to take Queen Street every Sunday on her way to church. As soon as her tires hit the bridge, she says a prayer.

“Oh yeah, I ask the Lord to protect me,” she said.

Baldwin also called on the bridge’s higher power, Norfolk Southern Railway, for help. That prayer has gone unanswered.

Norfolk Southern owns and maintains the bridge, as well as the part of Queen Street that crosses over it.

Baldwin has asked them to repave, but the potholes remain.

“They just don’t care,” she said.

West Greenville neighbor Jerry Epps said he feels the same way.

He uses a wheelchair to get around and because the sidewalk is difficult to navigate, he has to dodge cars in the street.

“I’m in a wheelchair. I shouldn’t have to use the street,” Epps said. “What’s wrong with the sidewalk?”

FOX Carolina News went back and forth with the City of Greenville and Norfolk Southern.

City spokesperson Beth Brotherton said they’re aware of and share the concerns of neighbors. They’re also eager to work with the railway company to find a solution.

Norfolk said they’ll work with local government as needed to pave.

And yet the road stays the same.

“Actions, as the Bible says, speak louder than words. You can talk all day, but if you don’t do the actions? Nuh-uh. It’s not worth two cents,” Baldwin said.

After more calls to the city, the head engineer told FOX Carolina he agrees the bridge is in very bad condition and said he’ll be reaching out to Norfolk Southern.

We’ll be watching to see if improvements are made and keep you updated.