AUDIO: Woman calls 911 to report ‘pink meat’ at barbecue restaurant

Raleigh Police Department was called to Clyde Cooper's Barbecue after a woman said she received "pink meat."
Published: Nov. 4, 2022 at 5:14 PM EDT|Updated: Nov. 4, 2022 at 5:15 PM EDT
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RALEIGH, N.C. (FOX Carolina) - Police in Raleigh responded to a historic barbecue restaurant on Tuesday after a woman called 911 to report “pink meat.”

In the 911 call the woman, whose voice has been altered, said the meat she ordered from Clyde Cooper’s BBQ on South Wilmington Street was pink and she wanted it to be cooked longer or exchanged.

“They’re saying the meat is supposed to be pink,” the caller says, claiming she was denied a refund or trade for her order.

Smoked barbecue from Clyde Cooper's BBQ in downtown Raleigh.
Smoked barbecue from Clyde Cooper's BBQ in downtown Raleigh.(Clyde Cooper's BBQ)

The barbecue restaurant, which has been in downtown Raleigh since 1938, took to social media to address the incident. Clyde Cooper’s said the owner and employees tried to explain to the woman that barbecue turns pink when it is smoked and even if it were cooked for longer, it would stay pink.

Clyde Cooper’s BBQ says they also gave the woman chicken when she was unhappy with the smoked pork.

Clyde Cooper's BBQ in downtown Raleigh, NC
Clyde Cooper's BBQ in downtown Raleigh, NC(Clyde Cooper's BBQ)

The restaurant said they were shocked when police showed up about ten minutes later.

“We had no idea she called the cops because, again, there was no real issue, everything seemed fine, and we all had a good laugh about someone not being willing to listen to reason and teaching about the smoke process,” Clyde Cooper’s BBQ wrote.

They said the woman gave them a one-star review after the incident.

Below is the full Facebook post: