Adderall shortage happening in Greenville County

A nationwide shortage of Adderall is affecting families in Greenville County.
Published: Nov. 16, 2022 at 6:27 PM EST
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Laura Crisco says her 11-year-old daughter loves artwork. It is a place where she can let her mind go wild. Her daughter has attention deficit disorder also known as ADD.

“She doesn’t necessarily finish something at one time,” Crisco said. “She will start different things and then finish them.”

But this workflow only is sufficient for her art. When it comes to her schoolwork she needs the medication known as Adderall to help her focus.

“Last year her physician left the practice and she went two months without getting her medication,” Crisco said. “Her grades during that time went from an A to C.”

It’s why Crisco was frantic when she struggled to fill the medication a few weeks ago.

“I probably called 15 pharmacies,” Crisco said.

But this isn’t just affecting her youngest daughter. Her oldest, Brittian Gibson, is also on Adderall and needs it to concentrate at work.

“Not not being able to get that medication and not being able to be as productive, my checks have taken a big hit,” Gibson said. “I am not getting things done and making appointment times.”

The FDA says the main generic producer of the drug is Teva pharmaceuticals. This company announced they are having manufacturing issues and a labor shortage. Similar companies say there is not enough supply to meet the current demand.

David Maney is the manager at Fowler’s pharmacy in Greenville County. He says he has been out of Adderall for the last few weeks.

“Over the last ten days, I got five to ten phone calls a day,” Maney said. “They ask if we have this and I say no, no strength availability period.”

If you are struggling to find it he recommends contacting your doctor.

“Ask him if they know where to get it,” Maney said. “Tell them your kid needs it and ask what to do. Or ask if you can switch to something else.”

Crisco says she finally got the medication for her youngest daughter at CVS. But she is worried about the weeks ahead when she needs to refill prescriptions in December.

“I am nervous, I hope they have some,” Crisco said. “I figure I may be on the phone again calling around.”

The FDA reports the shortage will last at least through the end of the month, if not longer.