Soup Kitchen striving to address food insecurity in Spartanburg Co.

“Breaking Bread for Jesus” says it needs more food.
Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 6:56 PM EST|Updated: Nov. 18, 2022 at 10:39 PM EST
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WELLFORD, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - “Breaking Bread for Jesus” says it needs more food.

Simply put—the needs for food insecure families continue you grow, in Spartanburg County.

When the soup kitchen first started, organizers say it was only serving about 30 to 40 plates a week. Now, that’s more than quadrupled to almost 200 per week. It just goes to show how great need has grown over the years.

As soon as volunteers open their doors at 11 a.m., the orders start pouring in. And director Gail Eanes says everyone who comes isn’t homeless.

“We don’t ask any questions. We assume when they come in the door that they’re hungry or they know somebody that’s hungry. So, we feed them. That’s what God has called us to do.” said Eanes.

Back in 2015, after volunteering at a different soup kitchen, Eanes realized some families in the Wellford-Duncan-Startex-Jackson-Lyman area needed help. That’s when “Breaking Bread for Jesus” was born.

“We know that it’s getting worse every day,” Eanes said, “There are more and more people that are coming into the doors here. And then, by Thanksgiving, I look for an increase of, at least, 15 percent.”

Volunteers serve the community fresh, home-cooked meals, 365 days a year—since the kitchen started. Some take for themselves. Some take for others, like Glenna “Faye” Holcombe.

“I’m sharing it with my mom, with a neighbor down the street. He cannot get out and drive anymore. So, I take different food to different people,” Mrs. Faye said.

Mrs. Faye says landing on their doorsteps is food is made with love.

“They’re not only concerned about the homeless. They’re concerned about the neighborhood. This is a community program,” Mrs. Faye continues, “And the food is delicious.”

Eanes says, despite setbacks, they will keep breaking bread, until it’s all gone.

“Our pantries are lower, right now, than they have been since we started,” said Eanes.

Mrs. Faye says the community needs it.

“Because of the economy now, everything is very expensive. People are hungry,” said Mrs. Faye, “And you wouldn’t think, in this country that we live in, that hunger would be here, but it’s here.”

“Breaking Bread for Jesus” will serve food on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. The kitchen is in need of food donations, monetary donations, and volunteers. So, if you’re interested, visit their website.