Developer planning to revitalize vacant Spartanburg Coca-Cola plant, extending downtown growth

Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 10:20 PM EST
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - A developer and property owner have plans to revitalize the old Coca-Cola factory at 500 West Main street. The factory sits in a corridor into downtown and West Spartanburg.

Business at The Beacon is steady, like it has been for nearly 80 years.

“We say ‘you haven’t been to Spartanburg unless you’ve been to The Beacon” said Steve Duncan, The Beacon owner.

The famous restaurant sits in an area between downtown and West Spartanburg. The road is always busy—but there’s not much there that makes cars stop.

“The unoccupied spaces are the same unoccupied spaces that have been there a long time. but I think that’s gonna change” said Duncan.

He feels soon, the growth from downtown will head his way.

“We’re not where maybe some other areas of town are right this minute but it’s coming, I see it coming” he said.

This Coca-Cola project could be the catalyst.

“We really want to create a venue that will draw the public in,” said Brett Baumgarten, the project developer.

Baumgarten is the CEO of Coastal Properties, he’s working with the property owner to revitalize the vacant bottling plant. It’ll happen in two phases. Firstly, repurposing the existing structure.

“We’re going to open that up and create a promenade if you will with vendors. that can be small shops, food vendors, etc. so that you can walk along the street, there’ll be outdoor seating” he said.

There will also be office space, a restaurant and gym. It’s expected to take millions of dollars to pull this project off. However they’re not doing away with the Coca-Cola look, the front façade will stay put.

“It is a façade that everyone is accustomed to. They all know it, you know, it’s over 100 years old” said Baumgarten.

Phase two will include building around 50 to 60 housing units. For business, Duncan says that news couldn’t sound better.

“The more businesses and the more activity around us, the better off we are” he said.

The project still needs approval from the city council. That’ll be on the agenda on December 12th. There will also be a public hearing at 5:30pm so you have the chance to voice your opinions on the project. If things go as planned, the developer expects to begin building improvements next year.