Greenville’s new development code, nearly done. Here’s how it’ll impact you and affordable housing efforts

Published: Dec. 14, 2022 at 10:30 PM EST
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Greenville city officials are working to change the way Greenville grows. Next year, the city will adopt a new development code—they’re working on it right now.

The city’s new development code could impact everyone. The code will help make the guidelines and goals set in the GVL 2040 plan possible. That includes the push to create more affordable housing.

“GVL 2040 is the policy document and this is putting GVL 2040 into action” said Assistant City Manager Shannon Lavrin.

The new development or zoning code will be the standard for what’s allowed to be built and where.

“It’s very specific, it’s very easy to understand,” said Thomas Eddington, the code development consultant during the final information session Wednesday.

Once every month, city officials have held virtual information sessions about the code.

“If I’m the property owner building on this property, I know what I have to do” said Eddington.

For you, the zoning code could be the difference between a bakery or a five story apartment building going in next door. It will impact affordable housing too.

“They say zoning is, you know, 30% of the problem for affordable housing because we have a lot of zoning that is very exclusive, right now. It’s not inclusive to a lot of housing types” said Tina Belge, the Advocacy and Community Engagement Manager for the Greenville Housing Fund.

This year, the Greenville Housing Fund produced and preserved nearly 500 affordable units. They hope to exceed that number in 2023, and the code might help.

“There’s been a lot of displacement that’s occurred. There’s a lot of increased gentrification” said Belge.

The code will include incentives for developers to offer more affordable units and allow for additional housing types too.

“We need more options for more budgets and zoning is a big part of that” she said.

The draft code will be presented sometime in January. After that there will be a series of public input opportunities for you throughout February and March. To learn more, click here.