Murdaugh’s legal team files motion to exclude firearms identification evidence

As jury selection continues, Alex Murdaugh's legal team is asking the court to exclude testimony from the State's ballistics expert
Published: Jan. 23, 2023 at 8:15 PM EST
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WALTERBORO, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Alex Murdaugh’s defense team filed a motion Monday asking the court to exclude or limit some firearm identification evidence and testimony from the State’s ballistic expert.

The motion from the defense came on the first day of jury selection and focused on .300 Blackout cartridges found at the crime scene and testimony from Paul S. Greer, the State’s ballistic expert who examined evidence from the case.

According to the motion, law enforcement found fired .300 Blackout caliber cartridge cases around Maggie Murdaugh’s body, on the ground near the side entrance of the house on the Moselle property (around 300 yards from the crime scene), and in an area by the pond near Moselle Road that was often used by the Murdaugh family and guests for target practice. The cartridge cases and a .300 Blackout caliber rife were taken to SLED for forensic examination and later looked at by Greer.

The motion state that after examining the evidence, Greer concluded that some of the cartridges found near the pond and Moselle property were used in the .300 Blackout rifle taken from the property. While Greer was unable to conclude that the cartridges found beside Maggie Murdaugh’s body were fired from the same gun, he reported that identifying characteristics indicated that they were loaded into, extracted and ejected from it at some point.

The motion argued that Greer’s conclusions were not based on scientifically valid or reliable methods. The argument continued adding that the danger of unfair prejudice and the risk of confusing or impacting the jury outweighs the value the testimony would bring to the trial.

The motion also proposed the court could conduct a council hearing to determine whether the testimony should be eliminated or limited.

Those interested can read the entire motion here.