Poe Mill neighborhood host housing fair to connect residents to resources

Published: Feb. 22, 2023 at 10:38 PM EST
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - As access to affordable housing continues to be a challenge for many people in Greenville, one neighborhood association is bringing resources straight to their residents.

This was a first for the Poe Mill Neighborhood Association. They came up with the idea after a survey identified housing as the top need for residents. So Tuesday, more than 50 people were connected with organizations that can help.

“There’s a big need out here and people are desperate, they’re looking for help,” said Kwadjo Campbell, the president of the Poe Mill Neighborhood Association and event organizer. “There are a plethora of reasons people need these types of housing resources,” he said.

Whether it be help with down payments, repairs, rent burden, or just finding a place to stay–the housing fair was a shop for everything.

“Most people who need the services don’t know about them, and we don’t provide enough opportunities to educate the community,” said Tiffany Santagati, the VP of Operations for the Greenville Housing Fund.

The Greenville Housing Fund says there’s a need for affordable housing at 60% of the area’s median income.

“That’s about $45,000 a year so we’re looking at teachers, police officers, those income areas going to have a hard time especially in the current market that we’re in” said Santagati.

Those with a lower income have an even harder time finding a decent place to live. Helpers like Front Porch Housing, who provides a 2 to 3 year transitional program. Mostly for single mothers and people coming out of homelessness or rehab.

“While they’re with us, we’re setting goals, we are helping them build resumes, find new jobs, taking financial classes,” said Jessica Egan, the housing coordinator for Front Porch Housing. “We probably have over 1,500 applications, and we are just part of the solution,” she said.

A solution coming in the form of this fair– linking those who need help and those who provide it.

“There are organizations and resources out here we have to marry them together” said Campbell.

This was just the first of many events the association has planned to address the needs in the Poe Mill community. They also have a job fair coming up on March 22nd at Park Place Church of God from 1pm to 4pm.