NC governor demands repayment following company’s decision to close Canton mill

Governor Demands Repayment
Published: Mar. 16, 2023 at 4:14 PM EDT
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CANTON, N.C. (FOX Carolina) - North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper sent a letter to Pactiv Evergreen Thursday urging them to reconsider their decision to close their mill in Canton and demanding that they repay the $12 million they received in grants from the state.

In the letter, Cooper urged Pactive Evergreen to explore all options to keep the mill operating, whether through selling it, repurposing it, or reconsidering their decision to shut down the operation.

According to Cooper, closing the mill would violate a contract that two Pactiv Evergreen subsidiaries signed with the North Carolina Department of Commerce in 2015. Cooper said in that agreement, Pactiv Evergreen promised to maintain operations at the mill through December 31, 2024.

In exchange for that agreement, Cooper said Pactive Evergreen received $12 million in grants from the state. He added that they would need to pay back the entire $12 million if they decide to go through with their decision to close the mill.

Pactiv Evergreen announced earlier this month that they were closing the mill as part of their restructuring efforts. Following the announcement, a lawmaker in western North Carolina asked the federal government to investigate allegations that several executives sold off stock days before announcing the closing of a manufacturing plant.