Amazon delivers more than 80 packages to wrong house

Published: May. 24, 2023 at 10:40 AM EDT
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) - Many people order from Amazon, buying items with a couple of taps on the phone, and the package will show up at the door, often in a day or two.

One woman in Washington D.C. said she hasn’t ordered anything, but the packages keep coming.

Since last fall, she’s gotten nearly 80 packages. And not one of them was addressed to her.

“Well, that’s the game,” Liz Geltman said. “Everybody asks me how many Amazon boxes today. And they don’t mean my shopping.”

Like so many people, Geltman shops on Amazon. But she never imagined a delivery like this one.

“On my doorstep, it was two rows almost covering the door. It looked like these big, towering blocks of children’s blocks of Legos all the way up to, covering the door of my house,” she said.

Fourteen Amazon boxes were sitting outside her home, all addressed to someone named Meng Xian Kuan.

Geltman doesn’t know anyone by that name and reached out to Amazon.

“And so we called up and said, ‘These aren’t our packages,’” she said.

Instead of coming to get the boxes, Amazon told her to just keep them.

Inside the packages, Geltman found children’s bedding.

“It hurts my soul to just throw things out,” she said.

At first, she tried giving the sheets away.

“And then they kept coming and coming and coming,” she said.

Geltman said it’s been happening since last fall.

She’s received 80 boxes and counting. All were addressed to Meng Xian Kuan and filled with children’s bedding.

Geltman said she can’t get Amazon to quit sending them.

She even tried stopping the delivery drivers, right in their tracks.

“And they won’t take it back on their trucks either. It’s like they just leave it. This is yours,” she said.

So, she’s been going back and forth to the Amazon return center at Whole Foods every time another stack shows up at her door.

“Well, it’s very frustrating on multiple levels,” she said.

Geltman said she’s called Amazon repeatedly and they didn’t help at all. The return labels are from Amazon distribution centers throughout the country.

Geltman said when she asked Amazon to just take her address out of the sender’s account, Amazon said no. She said they told her it was to protect the privacy concerns of whoever was sending all of these boxes.

WUSA reached out to Amazon and, after multiple calls and emails, the company said it would apologize to Geltman.

Amazon also agreed to start picking up the mysterious packages from her home while it works with the seller to stop the deliveries altogether.

Geltman said she has received at least nine more Amazon boxes since her interview with WUSA.

“This has been ridiculous,” she said.

Geltman estimates she has received about $4,000 worth of children’s bedding.