Reading to your child promotes development, doctors say

Reading is powerful! Starting at birth, Doctors say reading to your child can help promote social, emotional, and cognitive development.
Published: Jun. 12, 2023 at 6:07 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Reading is powerful. Experts say that by introducing it at a young age, it can help with a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development.

One statewide organization is helping to get books into the hands of little hands everywhere. “Reach Out and Read” partners with over 200 pediatricians and clinics, donating books for doctors to give out to patients and their families during wellness visits.

“We really want to create this foundation of success for children through educating parents about the importance of reading together,” said Emily Bartels, Director of Reach Out and Reach in South Carolina.

Dr. Rubina Baksh, at Family Child Services in Greenville says it is important to read to your child starting at birth.

“The language skills increase, the social-emotional skills increase,” said Baksh. “The parent-child bonding is there. Every visit they come in, whether it’s the one year, 18-months, 2 years, 3 years, they’re able to get these books and they look forward to it, they really do.”

Reach Out and Read books are given to kids five and under. Bartels said Reach Out and Read is opening doors for those in the community.

“When a medical provider introduces the idea of reading to your two-week-old, it’s about connecting. They see when you look at that 2-week-old and you make eye contact with them for the first time and what’s happening there and you encourage them to read the story or talk to them. How that grows and evolves as a child gets older, it’s neat to see that happen, " said Bartels.

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