SC leaders react to SCOTUS blocking student loan forgiveness plan

The Supreme Court handed down multiple rulings Friday morning.
Published: Jun. 30, 2023 at 11:56 AM EDT|Updated: Jun. 30, 2023 at 12:58 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - The attorney general for South Carolina, one of half a dozen states to challenge President Joe Biden’s plan to wipe away billions in student loan debt, said he considers a Supreme Court ruling on Friday a victory. He is just one of the leaders in the Palmetto state reacting to the decision.

The 6-3 ruling from SCOTUS on Friday essentially kills the $400 billion plan to cancel or reduce federal student loan debt.

Below are reactions from leaders in SC:


“The Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness scheme was a ridiculous pander to the radical left and an insult to Americans who work hard, pay their bills, and play by the rules. Thank goodness we have a Supreme Court that defends the Rule of Law and common sense.”


“I’m pleased the Court agrees with our position that Joe Biden does not have the authority to cancel and ignore debt. He knew Congress was the only body with the power to do so, but when they didn’t do what he wanted, he took matters into his own hands to unlawfully deliver on a campaign promise,” said Attorney General Alan Wilson. “Legal issues aside, forgiving student loans is a poor policy decision with unfair and long-lasting consequences. But when the federal government acts outside its powers to promote its own agenda, I’ll be there to fight back.”


“The decision to strike down President Biden’s student loan forgiveness idea was a necessary check on an out of control executive who clearly disregarded the law in order to achieve a political result. The Biden Administration was unilaterally trying to forgive student loan debt with no sound legal basis. The idea was all politics and the Court was right to slam dunk the Biden Administration’s overreach. It’s good to know that hard working Americans will not be forced to pay for student loans they did not take out.



“The Supreme Court once again slapped down the lawless Biden Administration in the Biden v. Nebraska ruling. The unconstitutional Biden student loan bailout could have cost up to $980 Billion in unauthorized taxpayer spending, and there was never a legitimate justification for the government to transfer wealth from people who pay their own debts to those who do not. I’m pleased the Supreme Court saw this for the lawless overreach it is and struck down the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional student loan bailout program. The Biden Administration should face punitive sanctions from Congress for attempting to enact such a clearly unconstitutional initiative.”

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