Asheville museum to host Vintage Radio Market

FOX Carolina's Christy Waite has the details.
Published: Sep. 6, 2023 at 9:01 AM EDT
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Asheville, N.C. (FOX Carolina) -The Asheville Radio Museum is a place for people of all ages to tune into the history of radios.

Founded 20 years ago, the nonprofit museum holds relics from the past that paved the way for the technology we use today.

Director of media relations Peter Abzug, says everything we use today, uses radio waves.

“A car fob to open your door, a cellphone radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, space telescopes all use radio waves—the same waves that were discovered in the 19th century,” said Abzug. “Before radios existed farmers would travel to the nearest town in order to get their news and weather reports. When radio came it made that trip obsolete.”

The museum is filled with vintage tv’s, car radios, phones, rare finds, and portable radios, just to name a few. Majority of the relics that sit upon the shelves have been given to the museum and restored to what they once were.

On Saturday Sept. 9, vendors and radio enthusiasts from across the country will gather at the Asheville Buncombe Community Technical College for the Vintage Radio Market. Guests will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of restored and restorable vintage radios, parts, accessories, and books.

Everyone is encouraged to bring their own vintage radios, or photographs for museum experts to provide some historical insight into their relics. These experts will be able to tell you about the radio’s manufacturer, production year, and unique features. They can also provide information about local restores who can breathe life back into your old radio.

The whole event is free and open to the public that includes parking as well. The market will be in the parking lot behind the A-B Tech Campus parking garage. The event will be from 7am-3pm. For more information about the market or museum Asheville Vintage Radio Market.