Getting Answers: HWY 176

Getting Answers: HWY 176
Getting Answers: HWY 176(Fox Carolina)
Published: Sep. 7, 2023 at 6:57 PM EDT
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SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - FOX Carolina is getting answers about your Upstate road concerns.

Our inbox has been flooded with submissions about Highway 176. The road runs nearly 240 miles from Columbia to Hendersonville, North Carolina, crossing through Spartanburg and Union Counties.

The highway is covered with cracks, bumps, and weeds growing through the pavement.

While other parts of the highway are freshly paved, neighbors want to know why this stretch has not gotten the same attention.

“It sounds like you’re tearing up your car,” Deborah Davenport said.

Davenport takes Highway 176 anytime she leaves her house.

“It’s a lot of traffic with big trucks and you know 176 is not an easy road to travel. You’ve got a lot of traffic on that road,” Davenport said.

Living here most of her life, Davenport said the problems keep popping up.

“I think it’s gotten worse because it’s more cars out there on the road now,” Davenport said.

The potholes start near Davenport’s house at South Pine Street and run all the way through Union County.

“It’s got rough spots on the road where tree roots are growing in it. They need to really go through and get those tree roots out and redo the roads,” Davenport said.

“The patches may last a little while and as soon as the big trucks and all of that come through, they end up the same way again,” Davenport said.

Mary wrote in, “The road is covered in potholes. The more they seem to try to cover the holes, the worse the road seems to get.”

Freshly paved on the other end of Spartanburg County, Davenport says this side has been neglected.

“You try to avoid the patches sometimes because you know you’re gonna hit a bump,” Davenport said.

As part of South Carolina Department of Transportation’s Pavement Improvement Program, crews are currently repaving the highway, just over the Union County line.

DOT also has plans to repave over three miles on the other end of Union County by the Newberry line.

“I think DOT should get out here and drive on them themselves and stop making patches and do the whole road,” Davenport said.

HWY 176 at South Pine Street is also on this year’s Pavement Improvement Plan.

At this point, a construction date has not been set.

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