Amber Worthy

Amber Worthy is a reporter for FOX Carolina.

Amber is originally from Atlanta, GA, but comes to FOX Carolina from Chattanooga, TN. She joined the FOX Carolina News team on April 1, 2019.

Amber has a BFA in Mass Media from Valdosta State University and an MA in Public Relations and Communications Management from the University of Florida.

Out of college, Amber went to work for WSB-TV as an assignment editor/news trainee. After a year in her hometown, she went to work in Augusta, GA at WAGT as a Reporter. While there, she also worked part time at the YMCA. She spent a year there until a merger closed the station. From there, she moved to Jacksonville, FL to work part time at a news station as an Associate Producer.  She picked up a part time job at the YMCA and then was promoted to Adminstrative Assistant at the Y. Amber later went on to work in Chattanooga, TN as a Morning Show producer/Reporter. She was later promoted to Reporter then to Weekend Anchor/Producer/Reporter for WDEF News 12. After two years in Tennessee, she moved to the Upstate. 


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On the weekends: I love to relax, sleep in, binge watch Law and Order SVU (even though she’s already watched every episode.)

My favorite movie is: Cinderella with Brandy and Whitney Houston.

My favorite kind of music is: Christian Rappers like Lecrae, Trip Lee, KB, Tedashi, Andy Mineo, anyone from the #116Clique 

My favorite food is: Sushi and Burgers…… could eat them anytime, anywhere LOL!

Hidden talents: I could sleep for a very long time…… is that a talent?

Hobbies: Reading… Would also love to write a book one day.

Pets: I would love a dog, but my family doesn’t think I could be a single dog mom with this busy schedule.

Most memorable story: Easter of 2018, Amber went to cover a neighborhood’s Easter Egg hunt in memory of a woman who died because she used to host them because she passed away. It was at East Lake Courts in Chattanooga, TN which is a community that doesn’t get much good press. During the event, the officers who patrol that area were invited to hide the eggs and dance with the neighborhood kids. One officer danced to “Stanky Leg” with the kids and it turned out to be a sweet few minutes that we caught on camera and it went viral. The best part of the video was the officer picking up the smaller kids and hugging the parents because you could tell it meant a lot to them. The story was picked up all over the country, Canada and Europe.

Amber has also covered President Trump and President Obama. Both occasions were amazing. Covering President Trump on the campaign trail in Aiken, South Carolina as well as after taking office in Chattanooga. Amber covered President Obama after President Trump took office.

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