Woman mauled to death by pit bull she recently adopted


COLUMBIA, Md. (WMAR) -- Howard County Police say 64-year-old Robin Conway of Maryland died after a pit bull she adopted two weeks ago, mauled her to death.

Police say the dog was standing over Robin's body when the victim's family arrived.

Conway's sister, Susan LeClair, told WMAR-TV, that she adopted the dog only two weeks prior, "she was in love with that dog. And she is in love with animals -- Robin. The dog, apparently, went after her, but nobody," LeClair paused. "She was dead."

The family inside this Tamar Drive home told WMAR they thought nothing of it when Robin took it out for a routine walk Monday evening.

But as the sun started to go down and Robin didn't return, her husband told police, he looked out back.

"Even it's behavior at the scene after our first responders got there -- the dog was on a leash, but lunging and barking. They tried to subdue him and ultimately had to euthanize him," Sherry Llewellyn, a spokeswoman with the police department, said.

Animal Control deemed the dog a danger to those around it both animals and, in this case, humans, it had to be put down. A grim conclusion to a budding relationship between Robin and her new dog.

"They have been lovely, lovely dogs. It was obviously something wrong with this dog, but that's not to be construed as all pit bulls are bad and I know Robin wouldn't want that," LeClair said.

A necropsy will be done to see if the dog had rabies or any other medical issues.

No other incidents were reported involving this dog and police say they do not have any information about the dog's adoption, other than it was out-of-state.

Police are conducting a standard death investigation and awaiting autopsy results to confirm the cause of Conway's death.

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